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Personal Responsibility and 911

It never ceases to amaze me they way people are manipulated into giving up freedom for safety and they do not realize that they are doing it. There are many stories out there about the push for GPS, cell phones, and 911. Like it or not YOU and you alone are responsible for you. How in the hell can you be driving or walking along and not know where you are? I can always tell you what mile markers I am between. They are there so that you can take care of yourself. Why do people put such trust in computers and satellites when they sit at home and know how often there is a freeze, glitch, or crash? I feel safer because I take responsibility for knowing things that I can control, like knowing where I am so that if I or anyone else needs help, I can tell people where to send the help.

“In the name of one life” is a terrible excuse for your lack of personal responsibility. Why would you put your life in the hands of any computer, satellite, or another person? This is a recipe for personal disaster. Damn it get your heads out of your butts, stop looking to blame someone else for your lack of concern for yourself. When people become angry at a dispatch center and or dispatcher because they do not know where you are, you really are or should be angry with yourself because it is YOU who failed you, plain and simple.

Here is the real mind boggling part of this whole scenario; all the people arguing in anger to get GPS up and running to save lives do not consider that they are giving up a huge freedom, that is to be where you are, when ever you want without “big brother” knowing where you are every moment of every day. If you want this you are a rube playing into the hands of the “National Security” system that our country has become. Wake up! Our forefathers fought a war so that King George could not look through our shorts drawers any time he wanted to, and now you al are inviting him in of your own free will and setting a precedent to do that exactly.

I want to be able to go off the grid whenever I choose. This is your and my right, and I will fight to my dying breadth to preserve this right, even if you do not realize how important it is to have this right. I am not sure how people can be so naive by not realizing how important this right is, but it is the last most important freedom that is endangered in out lifetime.

Stop blaming the dispatchers and the system for something that is fully and completely your responsibility.


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