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Prove Residency or Get Out . . . About Time!

Del Rio, Texas: It takes Texas to do what many of us want, that is to prove that you are a legal resident of the US and a specific school district or NO SCHOOL FOR YOU! Well duh, you are not a resident then you are not paying taxes for your child or anyone else’s for that matter to go to school. I wonder if an American was stealing goods or services from Mexico (I cannot imagine what they would be right now but . . .) if they would be treated with such kid gloves and not have any charges brought against them? Doubtful.

Apparently Texas is not the only place that this has happened, Elena Castro, assistant superintendent at California’s Calexico Unified School District.

Several years ago, her district strictly enforced requirements that every student annually document residency.

Here are some selfish, self justifying, comments:

some parents living in northern Mexico send their children to American public schools believing they are safer and offer better education. Many also hope a U.S. education will provide better access to American colleges and universities.

Minerva Garcia, 50, hoped to move to her family’s home in Ciudad Acuna to save money.

“If the students are willing to get up early to get across, it shouldn’t be held against them,” said Garcia, as she waited to pick up her 5-year-old and 8-year-old from school. “But I’m not going now.”

Gee, imagine that, they want the better, safer education but do not want to pay for it through the local taxes but would rather have we ugly Americans pay for their children’s education and then take part in a walkout protesting America and everything that it provides and everything for which it stands. This occurred a few year ago where many that walked out were born in America but rallied praises about Mexico (incidentally they were so ignorant about Mexico many were actually walking around holding the Mexican flag upside down.)

Whether he likes it or not Kelt Cooper, superintendent of the San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District get my kudos.

“We had several van loads (with Mexican license plates) pulling up at the schools and kids getting out. It’s like ‘C’mon, it’s obvious what’s going on,'” said Cooper.


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  1. Bernie glad to see you are still alive and well. Bernie can i ask you a quiestion. Have you heard of the sausage boys????

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