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Rape a 13 Year Old and Get . . . Probation, if You are a Woman

This is another gem. It seems Jennifer Dawn Liskey, 39, a public school employee had a 3 year affair with a 13 year old and the female District Judge Jan Leuenberger seems to feel that Liskey was victimized.

Not once is rape mentioned which is what an adult does do to a minor when they have sex with them. Charges have been dropped and down graded for Liskey, one can only presume this is because she is a woman and her victim was a little man, who we all know are the ones that victimize the woman.

My God, this relationship went from kissing to oral sex and sexual intercourse taking place in Liskey's house, the victim's home, a car, motels and hotels, and she gets off with probation. There is no mention if she even lost her job.

Here is the excuse:

“When the mother earlier told the judge the impact the offenses had had on her family, she said Liskey often would go into a “poor Jennifer” mode indicating she was being victimized.

“Once again, it was ‘poor Jennifer,’ and the judge fell for it,” the father said of the sentencing.

“This was totally a case of blaming the victim,” the father said, referring to the judge’s reference to Liskey as being emotionally immature and the victim being intellectually gifted, wanting her back when she tried to end the affair and becoming a “participant in the conduct.”

Who is the adult and had the responsibility to not start the relationship in the first place? It seems clear to me.

The judge further sticks up for her feminist sister by adding:

“The judge said Liskey had an emotional disorder, lacked maturity to end the relationship, dressed and acted like an adolescent, lacked control over the youth, and couldn’t say “no” to him.”

Everything is OK in the eyes of the feminist judge because

“The judge also said there wasn’t any evidence to show the victim had suffered in the relationship.”

I wonder how well a statement like this would hold up if the victim was a 13 year old girl and a 35 year old man.

This type of misandric double standard has got to stop. People have got to realize that it is misandric. What are we trying to say as a society? This goes against everything that we have ever been taught. This tells us that it is not girls who mature faster than boys, rather that women are still adolescents at age 35 and boys are men and responsible for mature relationships at age 13. Hell we have seen it before where boys who have been raped , yet it is the boy who has to pay child support.


One Response to “Rape a 13 Year Old and Get . . . Probation, if You are a Woman”

  1. Whats up Biker Bernie. So i just left some comments on your circumcision blog..and your stand on that pretty much sickened me.

    But now I’m stuck on your blog, and I understand that I’ve probably lost the opportunity to strike up friendly discussion with you after the way I spoke to you in my previous comments…

    All the same, I think this is a really interesting post and I want to muse on it a bit.

    I think it’s totally disgusting that this woman got probation and nothing more. However, although I’m not familiar with the case, your post leads me to believe she basically wasn’t charged on the basis that she was insane. I don’t think she should have been incarcerated if it is indeed true. Even so, she should have been forced to go through therapy, been put on a sexual predator list and not been allowed within a certain radius of parks and schools. Was she? I’m just curious.

    I want to say some things about the issues of rape and gender. This may be ignorant of me to say, but I need someone to explain to me how it is possible for a male to be raped by a female. I don’t think it is possible. Doesn’t a male need to be erect for sexual intercourse to take place? I mean, I can see how unwanted/non-consensual stimulation might get the male hard enough for the perpetrating woman to take him inside her, but is that initial stimulation REALLY unwanted? Doesn’t getting an erection in the first place correspond to liking it and wanting more? I don’t know. I’m not a guy. Maybe this is stupid of me to be asking but I just really don’t get it.
    So when we’re talking about statutory rape, yeah I agree it’s totally wrong and despicable for an adult woman to initiate sexual activity with a young boy. It’s against the law and children should not be introduced to adult activities by adults. Yet, I can’t really see how the teenage boy is harmed other than a law and a taboo being broken around him. It seems like any young boy’s fantasy would be to start having sex at 13…and to get to bang a teacher? That would make him one lucky stud! Big man on campus! Ok I’ll admit I’m taking it overboard. He may have suffered some damage brought on by feelings of guilt, early loss of “innocence” or other emotional turmoil caused by being in an adult relationship and not being mature enough for it…but this “misandric double standard” that you speak of is really just the result of the double standard that our society as a whole has for the sexes. It’s not misandric. It’s a two way street.
    Males are expected and encouraged to be sexual. It’s part of masculinity. Men are not chastised or looked down upon for having sex with a lot of women. A guy who can “pull” chicks is high-fived and looked up to by other guys. We refer to the females that boys/men have sex with as “conquests”. A girl/woman who has had sex with many men is called a slut or some other derogatory name. Society doesn’t value this type of woman. Girls’ virginity is stressed so much more than boys’ virginity. Girls are expected to repress their sexuality. This causes two different mindsets about sex for young boys and young girls. Girls do mature earlier generally speaking, but they are taught their whole lives to protect their virginity and that they will be shameful if they have sex, so the first sexual experience (and even experiences for years after that) is a much more delicate and much scarier thing for girls than it is for boys. There is real biological basis for some of this, for instance, sex hurts for girls at first, in fact most women don’t even start enjoying sex/reaching orgasm (some never do!) until they’ve had a steady partner to experiment with over time. Theres also the fear of pregnancy, and the anatomy of the female makes her the receiving partner, which puts her in more vulnerable and powerless physical/mental state than the male during sex…

    This whole double standard may have something to do with why a statutory rape lawsuit involving a woman and a boy would result in more merciful rulings towards the perpetrator, than would a lawsuit with a man and a girl. I agree that that is not legally fair at all, but it is not some feminist craziness and when you think about it, it does make sense why people see it this way.

    When it comes down to it, the 13 y.o. boy who gets “raped” by his sicko female teacher was more than likely willing and felt pretty good about himself afterwards. The 13 y.o. girl who gets “raped” by her sicko male teacher was more than likely forced or tricked, was probably horrified/thoroughly hated the experience and felt terrible about herself afterwards. I’m not saying that I think it’s ok for women to have sex with young boys. I’m just saying that you’re wrong to write this sort of thing off as feminist BS. There is a crazy double standard that exists in society, but it causes real differences in boys and girls, men and women. Unfortunately these differences may sometimes make it hard for people (not just feminists) to accept that a law is a law, and that circumstances don’t change the fact that it was broken. Do I feel very sorry for this boy though? Yes because of the publicity and scandal he and his family have been put through, but my heart does not go out to him for having been raped statutorily. Had the relationship never surfaced, in his mid-twenties he would have been bragging to his buddies “Yeah, bro, when I was 13 I was f*cking my teacher!”

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