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I am Dissapointed in President Carter

I liked President Carter. I believe that he got the shaft while he was President and during the re-election. He did not deserve the flack he received when the rescue attempt failed, this was not his fault it was mechanical.

All in all I respected him as a president.

I am disappointed because he has taken a huge leap to assume that when Rep. Joe Wilson said “You lie” he was being racist. I am tired of the way the race card is used to quell any and all views by the European-American community. It will not work for this European-American because I know that it is a ploy and emotional button people use to silence the truth. Call me what you want but I am not frightened to be called a racist for the sole reason that I am giving facts and stating the truth. I will not be bullied this way. I am not insecure in my views and know that any of my non-European-American friends would tell anyone that I am not racist but I am opinionated, but these opinions are backed by facts and truth.



One Response to “I am Dissapointed in President Carter”

  1. Nothing Carter says or does surprise me he was the worst president in history…but BHO might take first place time will tell.

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