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Jane Velez-Mitchell Lives in a Fantasy Land

Jane is on a feminist truthiness soap box yet again. She believes that there is a war only on women in this country because women are being killed in increasing numbers and mostly by men (NOT TRUE, the crime of murder, on both men and women in the United States is on a dramatic decline as stated by many sources.) She is tired of the mantra that women have to change their behavior to be safe or they might fall victim of a violent crime, rather we have to change the behavior of these criminals. This is, always has been, and always will be a recipe for disaster.

What is it about women in general who cannot accept the fact that they nor anyone else can change the behavior of others? They only can change the behavior of themselves. The generality is true that many women marry a man expecting him to change; women have to learn to accept that the only person’s behavior that they can expect to change is their own. No one ever said that changing your behavior would make you safe, just safer; it is by the way applied to both sexes. You cannot expect 6 billion other people to be responsible for your safety, only you can do that for yourself.

This has been argued ad nauseum and I cannot see this assertion ever being wrong. If Mitchell wants to see a real war against anyone it is against men both in sexist legislation, these false misandric assertions, and the number of murders of men vs. women (78.0% vs. 21.7% respectively 2008 USDOJ Facts.) Mitchell’s whole basis of her assertion is her ad hoc use of the Annie Le murder, a student from Yale. The police have not yet made an arrest but she and others are asserting that it is a man. Sure it could be but like one of my other favorite people, Nancy Grace I would love to see Jane Velez-Mitchell fall flat on her face because the killer turns out to be a woman. Her accusation is premature and does not mention that fact.

She and the media also assert that the building Annie Le was in is only accessible by students and staff, obviously not. Have the people who are in the media never been to college? We all know that a statement like that is simply not true. Let’s face it kids will be kids and they do not take security seriously, they will tape, or wedge the door open, they will also enter the building and hold the door for someone behind them and let friends and acquaintances in that are not from the campus. This by the very nature means that anyone, not just students and staff can enter that building. This is life, yet Mitchell and her syncophants keep insisting that only a few students and staff could enter the building so there should be no problem identifying the killer. I do not think these women have ever lived in the real world.

I am so disappointed in the media lately, there is no longer INVESTIGATIVE reporting just reporting without any independent thought.

Jane Velez-Mitchell is going to give her feminist misandric view of this need to make the safety of women in this country the #1 priority tonight Tuesday, September 15, 2009 at 7PM.


10 Responses to “Jane Velez-Mitchell Lives in a Fantasy Land”

  1. I completely agree. When her show first aired I watched everyday. I can no longer stomach her bs. We live in the real world where there are nutjobs and and people who don’t deserve to breathe the same air as we do, so we have to protect ourselves. In a perfect world people wouldn’t be murdered, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. So we have to live with the hand we’re dealt

    I haven’t made it through a whole show in months. I change the channel when she starts with the everyone needs counseling and we need to wake up america and stop the violence and killings. I can only control myself I’m not violent nor am I a murder. It would be nice to get people off the streets before the commit these horrible crimes, but logically its impossible. I wish she would just get off her high horse.

    I personally think she is sexist and I’m a woman. She keeps talking about the war on women as if men haven’t been snatched off the streets in murderd or harmed. She’s not covering those stories. It was comical when a man was beaten and had his genitals super glued to his stomach by three women.

  2. Bernie can you tell me have you ever heard of the Sausage boys???

  3. How nice to know that only women are entitled to be free from societal violence. Female privilege, anyone?

  4. Jane is a lesbian, probably why she hates men so much! That hair style she has is laughable! The morons who appear on her show are clueless, just like Jane herself! Jane should probably start hitting bottle again, maybe then she could loosen up a bit. That Sliwa character is a deatbeat, with no real job skills!

  5. She sounds like an anti-male feminist ideologue. I noticed that she stopped covering the story about the murdered nine-year-old girl out west after it was discovered that a fifteen-year-old girl killed her. That went against her narrative.

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  7. She’s a whack job feminazi. “Issues” is an appropriate name for her idiotic show, because Jane obviously has a lot of “issues” herself. Her whole “War on Women” concept is nothing more man hating feminist propaganda designed to portray men as evil and women as helpless victims of those evil men. In the process Jane gains myriad adoring female myrmidons, and whatever wealth and power that comes with it. Notice she doesn’t cover stories about males who are victims of female violence and abuse, despite the fact there are plenty of those stories to address? Nope, it’s all about men abusing women, and Jane frequently makes wild unfounded comments and speculations concerning those men. Men who are clearly guilty as far as Jane is concerned, even before they’ve gone to trial. It’s time viewers began calling Insane Jane out on her asinine sexist bullshit and hopefully knock her off the air before she poisons society any further.

  8. I find it fascinating to watch Jane Velez Mitchell. To me it is intriguing to watch the depths to which this lunatic, man-hating woman will sink to substantiate her misandrist ravings. Her alleged “Ongoing War on Women” is laughable. Does she read the stats from the US Bureau of Justice? If she took a few minutes to do some legitimate research instead of making her wild-eyed declarations of some perceived plot by men to eradicate the fairer sex, perhaps she would change her tune. The crystal clear, documented facts based on data from 1976 to 2005 are:

    Both male and female offenders are more likely to target male victims than female victims.

    In 2005 rates for females reached their lowest point recorded; rates for males increased slightly from the low point recorded in 2000.

    Male victims are more likely than female victims to be killed by acquaintances or strangers.

    Check for yourself:

    Of the major causes of death to the human being, men lead in all the leading categories. But how many National Commissions are there for men’s health? Zero. How many National Commissions are there for women’s health? Five. Oddly enough, Jane doesn’t mention these disparities. These facts do not support her moronic war theory.

    Where was her outrage when the murder of a 9 year old girl featured in one her reports was in fact perpetrated by another young girl? Where was her follow up of the young school girl who was actually found to have been murdered by the lady down the street who stuffed her tiny body in a suitcase and tossed it in a canal? The story no longer substantiated her assinine theory, so it faded.

    The news item which clearly showed her nasty, arch-feminist ideology had completely run amok was the tragic loss of the three young ladies who were out star watching in their car. Mitchell got on her “Ongoing War on Women” bandwagon…making declarations like…”is it now unsafe for women to go star watching?”. The studio went silent when it was learned by live feed that sadly, the ladies had accidentally driven their car into a pond and died by drowning. Clearly Mitchell was disconsolate. Was she saddened by the tragic loss of these young ladies…or the loss of her hot story which she felt would bolster her flagging theory of her special war.

    In conclusion Jane Velez Mitchell’s misandrist pontifications must be removed from the airwaves. If she is to continue, she must back up her statements with hard, cold facts and statistics, not just the ravings from her alcohol-sodden brain. I feel men sacrifice themselves through chivalry, bravery and simple human kindness to protect women…a gender we cherish. There is no “ongoing war against women”!

  9. First of all, all the idiotic men who agree with you should should have their heads examined!!! There is alot of violence against women nowadays!! Where you idiots get off thinking that we don’t have a right to be mad about it, is beyond human comprehension!! I bet you all would change your tune, if a woman you cared about was sexually assaulted!!! Pls men, come out of your ignorance!! Woman have a right to be safe… from rape and violence, and from rude comments from morons like you!!!

  10. @Michelle: It’s either equality or nothing and I for one am sick of this bs. When I was in 5th grade I was attacked by 3 girls who threw rocks at my head but I restrained myself from hitting back but why? If women and men were treated as equal I would have turned around and struck all 3 but noooo it is wrong to hit a women yet it was okay for them to throw a large rock that hit me in the back of the head which could have killed me. Fuck feminism, equality or GTFO.

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