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Ban on Hymn Then Should Include Ban on All Songs


Court upholds ban on hymn at graduation. The reason given by the school admistration is “School officials said the title alone identified “Ave Maria” — Hail Mary in Latin — as religious and that graduation should be strictly secular.” I propose that if a song that mentions God and the fack that it may or does offend some who do not believe in God, then by only allowing songs that do not mention God is a clear intentional attempt to eliminate and offend those people of such a “captive” audience at a graduation who are religious. Clearly making the kids pick only songs that do not acknowledge God or religion is catering to the athiests who are the minority and they have their view represented forcibly by decree. I ask you then how can this be fair? If the majority of the children picked a song then that is the song that they should use, everyone has an equal vote. Why have a committee and a vote if the admisitration is not going to uphold that process? Why go through the pretence of fair and waste the students time and effort when you are going to just say no to anything they decide? Hypocrits is what you are when you make a decision like this and you wonder why kids today have no respect for authority. Wake up call, YOU are responcible for creating the atmosphere, the catylist for their thought process and the students would not be wrong in their assment.

Should for instance a handful of students be allowed to change the theme of the prom because they are vegan or what have you and the current theme offends them? No! The reason is where will it end? Adminstrators get your heads out of your butts an realize that there will allways be some squeeky wheel no matter what you decide and you should decide with the majorty and not the minority otherwise you are truly an unjust dictatorship. What are you teaching our children then? You are teaching them that this is a world that one should not raise a child.


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