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A 911 Brief

I find it interesting that there are only two polarized sides to the 911 controversy/conspiracy. There are the conspiracy people and those that believe that our government had a role in bringing down the towers and there are those that believe that it was just the terrorists and the planes that did. I entertain both schools of thought. The question that it seems nobody has asked or answered is why. This is the keystone. Why is the all important question that could open the Pandora’s box like in the movie “The Pelican Brief.”

Why? I have had this theory for some time but have been reluctant to share. I find that people not only cannot handle the truth but they do not want to know the truth. When this happens, your theory based in sound logic writes you off as a quack. Well I no longer care what people think because people damn well know that our government keeps secrets for the greater good or what they believe to be the greater good in the interest of National Security. People believe that the government does do things that would leave a bad taste on our pallet if we knew about them but we trust them to do this with the intent of the greater good and we know that this is not always the case. The thing that we cannot handle is the horrible things that have to be done for this greater good. The American public thinks that by not knowing, their hands are clean, but in reality because they ignore and do not want to know they are as dirty as everyone else.

I believe that terrorists attacked the US on 911 with jets. I believe that our government could have had a roll in bringing down the towers. My father was a National Geographic fan and I read the magazine also. I was very interested in the towers as a kid, because I was interested in skyscrapers and I would spend part of the summer with my grandparents in the city watching the towers being built. I liked to read about them, what it took to design and build them, how much it cost (Why build beyond a certain story when that one floor will cost as much as the rest of the building below it?), etc. Almost all of you out there believe that the towers failed on the “it can take a collision with a jet test and remain standing.” You would be wrong. First they did define the size of the jet that they could handle. Second, they stood after the collisions, that is what they were meant to do, stand for a time so that there would be time for those that could be save to be evacuated. These towers passed this test. Many believe that jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt the steal supports, and they are more than likely right, but we all know that heat weakens metal and the amount of weight that this metal has to hold up (the unladen [no people, furnishings, etc.] tower weight is 500,000t) well come on folks . . . . once you start moving 1/3 of of the weight straight down there is no force on earth no mater how well built that will stop it. This is reality. Another fact that people do not realize is that the cement was part of the integrity of the structural strength. Cement is very vulnerable to this type of heat. Did you also forget all the damage done to the steel and cement on several floors on impact? Apparently, because you would then realize that it was going to take a whole lot less weakening of the steel supports and cement to start the towers moving toward the earth. These are important factors the are ignored by conspiracy and non-conspiracy theorists alike.

Many also find it odd that they fell straight down. This was by design from the beginning. Come on folks imagine a city not requiring this type of structure to fall straight down in a catastrophic situation, imagine the additional catastrophic life and property destruction if they fell like a tree. Again a reasonable requirement on such a structure.

Have you ever wondered why a president goes in to office vital and young and comes out old, gray, and exhausted, he knows many of theses secrets, has to live with the knowledge of them and has to let some of these secrets happen for the greater good.

What am I talking about?

No matter how the towers were designed there are no guarantees in life. We all know the term “failsafe” and there are failsafes that have to be in place for the greater good, this does not presuppose that we have to like them but if they limit loss of life and property sometimes we have to accept them.

People and companies would never have occupied these towers if they knew their dirty little secret of the very real possibility a failsafe to make the towers fall straight down in place for the greater good. Nor would they still be in any of the skyscrapers of today, it is a national security issue. Here is where it becomes hairy and what you do not want to know.

Like the pyramids, the towers very well could have been built with secrets, one of them being that they were built with demolition explosives in them from the moment construction started, the failsafe. Imagine how much worse 911 could have been if the towers fell over rather than down. Someone had to make this decision. Sure our government might have brought the towers down for the greater good. Again I am not saying that I like this but I do understand it and the thought process that went into it. This does not mean that our government killed these people, the terrorists still did, they set something in motion that had to reach its horrifying conclusion. What you have to ask is how many people did our government save and how much more damage to our economy did it prevent?

The problem now is that you know that most modern skyscrapers could have in place demolition explosives for tragic, unpredictable, and unforeseeable circumstances, are you still going to work, tour, and occupy them? Now it is in your hands with your full knowledge. Are you going to change your life? Not likely. Worse of it being you know that I am right, you know that this is very likely truth but you will try to ignore your new found information and dismiss it like in the 50’s when you accepted that we could not get to the moon and locked up people who believed that we could and would, the same goes for extra-solar planets, none existed (no matter how some of us would attempt to explain that it does not make logical sense that our solar system was not unique) because we did not have the technology or intelligence to manufacture the technology be able to see these other planets. Many, including I were written off as kooks because we knew that we as a people do not know everything, and we are far from unique.

Dismiss it all you like, believe that I am an incurable psychotic, but the time will come again when I can say yet again “I told you so.” Stop being ignorant and accept that if you find yourself in a skyscraper for whatever the reason, you are likely surrounded by explosives for the greater good for the other people and buildings.

This is the “why” our government might have brought down the towers. Can I prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt? Hell no, but 2 + 2 still equals 4 and a reasonable person will realize that this is more than a probable theory. This is the why answered and explained, the one question that everyone else has avoided like the plague because of their own fears.


3 Responses to “A 911 Brief”

  1. If you believe that our goverment brought down the towers you need some serious help and I will pray for you.

  2. DJ,

    You are right, there were weapons of mass destruction, we had no idea that the Japanese were coming to Pearl Harbor, our marines were not at the Bay of Pigs, etc. I will pray for you, for enlightenment.


  3. Amazing website Bernard. can i ask you a quiestion? have you ever heard of the sausage boys???

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