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I Am Back

Sorry for my unannounced absence folks but I took a much needed short camping trip. Some things in my life were getting to me so at about 10PM I said “Let’s go camping” and by midnight we were on our way.

Next time I will try to have a few articles lined up for you.

My dog is high strung so we usually put him up at a kennel or the vet’s but that was not going to happen at midnight. He was remarkable well behaved. We did learn that he knows how to open the zippered door on the tent because i woke up to him barking outside and yelled at him to stop. Then I realized that I did not let him out this time. He was running free out in the field having a good old time.

The first two days it rained on and off but the temperatures were cool the air was fresh and it was perfect weather to have campfires. The third day was perfect. The neighboring campers were all from out of the area and country and the all came to us for the skinny on what to do or not to do in the Niagara Falls area. It seems whenever we go camping we run into Germans, and for the first time they asked me if they could buy any American beer that well . . . did not taste like crap. The asked about bud and I told them no, however the rest of their line was OK but still nothing like German beer. The have been buying Becks and say it is just like at home. I recommended Yuengling, and I bet them that they would be able to go back to Germany and tell the people at home that not all American beer is crap.

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