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Buy Heathcare or be Fined

Get this straight folks, the health care part of the reform where it wants everyone to either “buy” heath care or be fined is unconstitutional, period. You have not heard about this part of the Obamacare? Not surprising because it seems that the media is avoiding it like the plague because of the unconstitutionality of this section of the reform bill.

Mind you there are morons that must have received law degree from a Cracker Jack box like Lis Wiehl (this topic was discussed on The O’Reilly Factor) that believes the “Commerce Clause” decidedly makes it OK for Obama to pass a law that states buy or else. Sorry dear but the “Commerce Clause” has the right to regulate Intrastate Commerce but Congress does not have the power to pass a law that tells you you have to purchase a dress because it is good for you. The same goes for health coverage, if you do not have the money to buy coverage, the government will fine you? NOT legal in any sense of the word. This is like reinstating the vagrancy laws. You cannot arrest someone for loosing their job or being poor, it is that simple.

Lis, Obama, and the rest of you Obamabots get your heads out of your colon, smell where your head has been, and now to the right thing and oppose this law.

Good God, I question whether our species should any longer grace this beautiful planet anymore because the movie “Idiocracy” has it right the general public’s IQ is progressive becoming lower. It is at a point now that no one has any free though anymore and they follow like lemmings (that is an insult to the lemmings) these even more unintelligent leaders of our country and when some intelligence, wisdom, and free thinking person comes out of the crowd we are the ones labels as those that are radical, unintelligent, and in need of serious psychotic help when in reality it is the rest of the world that is guilty of these things.

It seems that no matter what knowledge you have on a subject you are wrong unless you are a somebody, well I have news for you vacuous sycophants, you are going to loose in the long run. I for one will tell you “I told you” every time with the hope that one day you will listen to we radicals before it is too late, because of your ineptness to comprehend the truth and what is right, you are costing my family and I also, and everybody wonders why some people go postal. The reason is that many of these people are intelligent, knowledgeable, and sensitive people that are trying to make things better not just for them but everyone and what do they get in return? Ridicule. I fully understand why these people do what they do.


11 Responses to “Buy Heathcare or be Fined”

  1. You are intentionally missing the point. YOU are the one that stated that people with health insurance (including government run) would not abuse it by going to the ER with minor issues (which you conspicuously failed to acknowledge that people in the field know this to be true and that you are wrong because you are speaking with no information), I was just showing you how absurd the abuse can become, I never said that using ambulances for taxi’s caused our health care crisis. STOP attempting to manipulate what I have said to hide your ignorance of the subject because I will call you out every time.

    We have never discussed this prior to your bizarre dissertation on people using ambulances to get to parties. People take minor issues to ERs now because its the health care of last resort. Often, the minor issues are major pain, and way too often what would have been an easy fix a few months ago becomes a very expensive procedures.

    Insured people abusing emergency rooms is not a significant contributor to any of our problems.

    BTW, Ambulances as “CHEAP” rides compared to taxis? You are making a fool out of yourself. You think that ambulances are cheaper than taxi’s, because that is the way you said it. Ambulances are hundreds of dollars, your form of truthiness does not make it so, ambulances as taxi’s cost the public untold large amounts of money each and every year.

    You were the one who said ambulances get used instead of taxis. Explain that, can you? Does it have anything to do with this discussion?

    As with all the complaints against health care reform and insurance reform, we can clearly see there is no basis to stray from the direction of H.R. 3200.

    It is you who cannot see the larger picture since you cannot see all the issues involved. Seeing the larger picture is the ability to comprehend most or all of the issues surrounding the subject and not disregarding, ignoring, or not knowing about some of the issues as you have so adeptly demonstrated.

    I’m not the one alleging people use ambulances instead of taxis. I’m not the one claiming partying as a major cause of health care costs.

    There’s no point to intentionally miss, you know?

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