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Erie County Fair

Today, August 23. 2009, was the last day of the fair, it is the third largest fair in the country beating out almost all state fairs.

People in and around the Buffalo, NY area either a very hardy lot, stupid, or both. One has got to question our sanity when so many of us get up in the morning and acknowledge that there is a storm generating hurricane (Bill) parked right off our East cost and so may people say what are going to do today? Let’s go to the fair! I was working one of the curly Q fry, hotdog, and hamburger booths and the crowd was remarkably large (it was the usual elbow ot elbow croud) for the weather. It was a torrential down pour. As if we were not busy enough we had to make sure that we pushed up on the tent (sometimes circling 3 or 4 times in a non-stop section by section) to keep the massive amounts of water off of it so there would be no problems with the excessive weight.

We are a hearty party lot, which has always made the fair that much more enjoyable.

See you next year.


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