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Celebrating Mediocrity

Look, no I do not race Indy cars not that I could even fit in one (but I do have a license for when there was an increased interest in bolstering racing in the 3/4 size cars for the more common man, I did not do too bad in the time trials for a rookie but I was not the best. Hey, it was fun. It was even funny to put 300lbs of crap in a 50lb container.) It is important to note that I assume that she is doing something she likes and is getting paid big bucks for it, we all should be so lucky. This is also not meant to slam Danica Patrick but rather the lace media.

Danica Patrick. Most know the name. The problem that I have is why? Can you name the 5th ranked Indy car driver, the fourth, the third? No, but you know Danica Patrick. This is because when a woman does what men have been doing forever no mater how mediocre she is, the media turns it into headlines and exclamation points. This is not fair to the other more qualified (for now) drivers. No matter where she is on the track, although you have favorite driver that is not Danica, you can pinpoint her.

This country goes out of its way to celebrate mediocrity. This it not exclusive to women as demonstrated by Obama, the 44th President, because there is only one first. The first that the media is trying to assign him he is not qualified for because he is mulatto, not black.

People have got to learn that not everyone is special and deserves a blue ribbon. This diminishes the accomplismenst of the others who are currently better. Danica is among these people.

Here are some of her stats:

  1. Starts: 64

  3. Wins: 1
  4. Maybe I should have put an sublimation point after that.

  5. Top 5: 11
  6. Top 10: 36
  7. Do not forget to subtract 11 for the real number.

  8. Laps Led: 84
  9. NOTE: This is a lead of 1.3 laps per race, get out the history books
    Running at Finish: 53

I do not see anything her to celebrate, or make a celebrity.

This is $71,457 a race. 11 of which she did not finish for a grand total of $786,027 for unfinished races. It is nice to get paid for work not done.


$86,287 for each finished race.


8 Responses to “Celebrating Mediocrity”

  1. You act as if being ranked 5th in a series, like she is, is terrible and it’s not.

    The four guys ahead of her have won all but 2 of the 13 races this year and won of the two they didn’t win was won by a guy who drove a third Penske car (Will Power).

    The reason you don’t know about the fourth place driver in points (and how could you not, it’s Helio Castroneves, one of 9 men to win the Indy 500 3 times) and the third place driver, (Dario Franchitti, winner of the 2007 Indy 500/Indycar) in the championship is simple……..nobody really pays much attention to Indycar racing anymore outside of the month of May and even that has taken a serious hit since 2005.

    Danica peaks the media’s interest, that’s a good thing, one of the few positive things open wheel racing has had going for it since 1995, so rather than rip on the media for actually giving a damn about a driver post-1995, embrace it.

  2. I think you missed my point.

    BTW she has only one win to her name (out of 64), and really only person in the media.

    Helio (I did not say I did not know him, I was asking my readers who no doubt have to research other names) has won the Indy 3 times and she gets at least 5,000% (literally) more coverage. This is suspiciously or possibly misandric and not fair to people like Helio.

    Off the top of your head name any 10 fifth place people (men would be great) of any sports. (I do not expect an answer, anyone can look it up) but many know Danica, and quite a number of those, her ranking. This is not seen anywhere else unless a woman is in a traditionally mans field.

    Ask yourself where does a man have the opportunity for so many open doors and sponsors for being fifth place? Reasonable people will realize that because she is a woman, she has had many more doors opened for her than the average man.


  3. I don’t know who she is to be honest.. but Gina Carano …. man, she’s different. A female MMA fighter and actually had a squeaky clean record of 7-0 until her last match, which currently puts her on 7-1. Now, THAT’S celebrating her for 1) being a woman in the mma field and 2) actually doing GOOD at what she does.

    wheww, i dig this post as i agree media seems to hype things up all the time for people who are undeserving of such attention and praise.

  4. The result of constantly over-celebrating women’s relatively unremarkable accomplishments in “male” fields is not “empowerment.” Instead, women implicitly are placed, as compared to men, in the position of the retarded. Think Special Olympics.

    Eventually people are going to see that attempting to feed the ever-ravenous beast of feminism is a losing proposition, and that women are being demeaned for their femininity — and thus losing something precious — in the process. The Lace Curtain will begin to fall as women begin to wake up to the harm that feminism is doing to them (unfortunately, to date the harm being done to men and children has not been enough).

  5. Maybe she wouldn’t get so many endorsements and deals if you men didn’t drool over her so much!!

  6. jeana,

    LOL, You are probally right but, I did not want to bring it up but I find Danica somewhat plain looking, not that I am that superficial because I would have to get to know her first and I am sure that she is a nice girl and her “looks” as with any person would dramatically change for the better with the better I get to know her.


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