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Today Show

I am not fond of the Obama’s but I certainly do not care what they are wearing. I have other worries about what they are doing, like when it affects us all. It is about time that the first family act like a family during family events. Good grief, they were on vacation! Personally it would be great to see Michelle in shorts and a tee shirt on the front lawn running through the sprinkler with her kids, hell throw Barack in for good measure, this is what true American families do.

The Today Show proposed a question (below) and I am glad to see that at least in this case that Americans have pulled their heads out of their butts.

Do you approve of Michelle Obama’s shorts? * 291,492 responses

Michelle Obama wore shorts while on holiday with her family during a trip to the Grand Canyon. What do you think of the first lady’s casual attire?

It’s inappropriate. The first lady should be dressed more conservatively.

It’s fine. People are overreacting! There’s nothing immodest about shorts during an outdoor family vacation.



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