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The Two Faces of Tayna Gold

Gold, from The Guardian in the UK has got to be the most two faced, hypocritical, self-contradicting reporter in the world. It seems that she does not remember what she writes from one moment to the next. She makes blanket statements about adult gender entertainment and those attend these shows. She does no real investigation because be it a male stripper for women or a female stripper for men her information only comes from the women. That is great investigative non-bias reporting. She interviews only the female audience and the female employees and divines that men are on a power trip and there for “darker reasons” but women are only there for fun and no sex.

One of her statements is that women are there for fun but yet she states that angry women are in attendance. She states that the women audience members are shy but also states, “I was expecting the bolder women, the ones who leap into the air to catch the Chippendales’ T-shirts like expert netball players, . . . But it doesn’t happen.” Then she adds later, “Outside I meet a woman who jumped for a T-shirt, fighting off other women to get it.” She says that the women are not there for sex then states “What are you here for, I ask one group of teenagers. “Naked men!” they scream.” Wow!

Here is another nonsexual gem “I don’t think we are clapping the Chippendales as they churn through every hackneyed female (sexual should be inserted here) fantasy – the policeman, the fireman, the soldier, the gangster. We are clapping ourselves, because we can be lecherous and bestial, and we can scream it.” Yep, no sexual intent here.

I think that Gold is off her meds.


I cannot believe what I have read.

The article came out today August 17, 2009 the comments were up to 598, already closed, and many deleted. I wonder what she was afraid of, the truth, her hypocrisy, her job, or all of the above?



One Response to “The Two Faces of Tayna Gold”

  1. The more sinister outcome of the “equality” of sex entertainment is the dulling of qualities that make the sexes unique. Women take on masculine traits, men take on feminine traits.

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