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Nero, On the Town of Tonawanda PD

What were seeing the Sheridan Parkside area is the culmination of years of failed policy. For many years, the upper management at the Town of Tonawanda PD was focused on traffic tickets and bringing their own men up on false, or trumped-up charges.

Over-supervision, and over-emphasis on addressing “traffic safety” made any real effort at law enforcement a moot point. Who wants to make a collar and risk several days pay for some bogus complaint? All the while the Sheridan Proj was becoming a mini-East Side. Well, guess what, all the parading around with AR-15’s won’t change one thing, other than piss off the (mandatory O/T) guys who would have done the job in the first place if they hadn’t been hamstrung.
Rome is indeed burning.

Nero, thanks for the contribution.


3 Responses to “Nero, On the Town of Tonawanda PD”

  1. Go to BPD’s unofficial blog, the Leftyline, and see what a real PD thinks of the TTP.

  2. Armed men patrolling the streets with semi-automatic rifles. Is this Fallujah or Tonawandah? This is a band-aid approach to fixing a gaping wound.

    The crime and deplorable condition of the Sheridan and Lincoln Park Projects are not the “fault” of the absentee slumlords. It is the fault of the police administration and the Building department for letting it get this far out of control. Anyone with an ounce of foresight could see that it was coming to this. Town leaders should be consulting with top brass from Buffalo and other progressive urban PD’s to determine the best course of action. Start by fining every slumlord or tenant that violates any one of the dozens of building codes.

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