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Drunk and Stoned Woman Runs Over Fiancee But Should Be Released

I wrote to both papers, we will see if what I had to say get published.


Here is my reply:

There is nothing more confusing than someone saying that when a person commits a crime that the prison sentence is purely punitive. I thought that is what the courts are sanctioned in service to accomplish, punitive sentencing of those people who commit crimes. Caroline Broad killed her fiancee because she chose to drive drunk and it does not matter what his inebriation level was, he was not driving. She did not “sit” in the drivers seat, she intended to drive. If she did not run over her fiancee she would have driven home and the results of her choice could have been much worse. A car does not “lurch” forward nor does it kill, people kill, a person has to get in the car, turn it over, put it in gear and press the accelerator. This was her choice. She killed Christopher Phillips by her own hand, I am sure it was not intentional but she did kill him in a reckless act. I do not blame people for their mistakes, but I do expect them to pay for them. Pointless was Phillips death. Eric Allison feels otherwise. I wonder if the believes that any accidental damage to property, injury, or death should be excused by the magistrate because it was not intentional but a reckless act?

It is sickening that Allison believes that Broads sentence was pointless and that the main suffers were those who did not receive any physical injury. My God, a man is dead but he is not the primary sufferer. This wreaks of misandry. Did Allison forget that Phillips has family and friends who are suffering? Did he forget that they need to know that Phillips life was not worthless and they deserve to see his killer punished? I wonder if Allison would feel the same if Phillips was a family member of his. I have children also, does that give me license to act in a reckless manor that puts others at risk, and give me a “get out of jail free” card? Perhaps it was a bad day for Allison and he was not thinking clearly because like it or not he assigned a value to Phillips life and that value was zero.

You have my permission to publish this article and use my name as an editorial by a reader of The Guardian

Area code and phone number (sorry I do not know the international code)

2 Responses to “Drunk and Stoned Woman Runs Over Fiancee But Should Be Released”

    What were seeing the Sheridan Parkside area is the culmination of years of failed policy. For many years, the upper management at the Town of Tonawanda PD was focused on traffic tickets and bringing their own men up on false, or trumped-up charges.

    Over-supervision, and over-emphasis on addressing “traffic safety” made any real effort at law enforcement a moot point. Who wants to make a collar and risk several days pay for some bogus complaint? All the while the Sheridan Proj was becoming a mini-East Side. Well, guess what, all the parading around with AR-15’s won’t change one thing, other than piss off the (mandatory O/T) guys who would have done the job in the first place if they hadn’t been hamstrung.
    Rome is indeed burning.

  2. Nero,

    Your comment about the Town of Tonawanda PD was not deleted but made a blog of it’s own This is from a guest Editor, Nero.
    HERE. Thanks for the contribution.


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