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Black Hypocracy Exposed

There is a controversy brewing over the white and mulatto person on the cover of a “black” book “Liar.” I have stated this many times before that blacks do not see mulatto as black and I have seen these mulatto children shunned by other more dark children in school. When it comes to our president apparently mulatto is “black” enough. This is clearly hypocritical. I do not know what a “black” book is or what it is supposed to be but by the very nature of calling it a “black” book is clearly exclusionary and racist. The image is of the author Justine Labalestier so I am even more puzzled by the use of “black” book. This is not white people making this racist statement but black people. HERE IS THE LINK TO THE ARTICLE ON THE GRIO, ENTITLED “Why do we need white faces to sell black books?”

Here is my reply to The Grio.

Good grief,

Enough! I find it funny that there is an objection to a light skinned black person on the cover of a “black” book at the same time they claim a “black” president who is mulatto. Like I said in my blog HERE he is a black of convenience, I did not set up this conspicuous hypocrisy they did.

Will the real liar please stand up?



One Response to “Black Hypocracy Exposed”

  1. So true Biker Bernie

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