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Real Inventions and Discoveries by StarTrek


Yes, I am a HUGE fan, you got a problem with that? I have been since the ’60’s. What makes it even more fun is that Gene Roddenberry’s visions stimulated the imagination of inventors and they actually set out to create the inventions that Gene Roddenberry envisioned would come to fruition.

Those that exist:

  1. The floppy disk
  2. the communications ear bud
  3. the UPS and in store electronic item list and signature screen
  4. laser weapons (hand held)
  5. speaking interactive computers
  6. medical scanners
  7. corrective eye surgery
  8. extra solar system planets
  9. life like robots
  10. computer controlled mechanisms
  11. doors that open automatically for people
  12. cloaking devices (bent light camouflage)
  13. and the latest is TRANSPARENT ALUMINUM

Those that are merging:

  1. ion drives (currently being studied for production)
  2. worm holes
  3. gravity wells are just being realized
  4. quantum realities
  5. AI (artificial intelligence)
  6. hologram rooms virtual reality

Those that we theorize are real possibilities but our tech and intelligence limits us

  1. extra terrestrial life (OK that has been around for awhile but they actually had predicted a greater interaction including commerce with these life forms)
  2. warp drive
  3. time travel theories are on the table and possible but again our minds and tech limit us

Fans add to the list and I will edit the post, these are the items I can come up with at this hour.


One Response to “Real Inventions and Discoveries by StarTrek”

  1. These aren’t real inventions yet but I just want to set the record straight. Gene Roddenberry is often credited with introducing the ideas of “beaming” in the original Star Trek and the replicator in Next Generation. Try Rod Serling. I just watched Twilight Zone’s “Valley of the Shadow” (1963) in which a device disassembled atoms of a person and re-assambled them elsewhere. There was also a device that produced a ham sandwich out of thin air. Hmmm.
    I’m not a Trekkie but I think I would have heard proper accreditation somewhere along the way.
    Oh, and if you don’t believe me, ask James Doohan. He was in that episode. Another connection I’m surprised I’ve never run across.

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