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Things We Survived as Kids

Is anyone old enough to remember the tree fogger trucks? You know the ones that would come around and spray the neighborhood with white fog to control the mosquito population? Remember playing in the fog and getting the turret man to spray you with the fog? Remember what they used? It was DDT! .
We played in it. They fogged the whole neighborhood. Maybe that is why we are all messed up. Our trucks looked like they had a turret mounted artificial snow maker on the truck and one or two guys would spin it around back and forth up and down and spray the trees and bushes. Share your experiences with this completely safe (cough) insecticide . . .

I remember seeing a friendly film in school and they demonstrated how safe DDT was by filming at an outdoor public pool and fogging all the kids in the pool. All the kids rushed over to be in the main stream of the fog. When our guys were done our whole neighborhood looked like it was in a fog bank.

And people are worried about second hand smoke, LOL.


One Response to “Things We Survived as Kids”

  1. I remember them saying 30 or more years ago that is we could just get people to stop smoking health care costs would be cut 60% or more well at least 50% of smokers have quit……here it is 2009 and health care costs are out of control. So much for smokers causing the costs to rise. lol
    I do remember the spraying for bugs

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