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Movie Mirrors Misandry

The movie “Mirrors” with Kiefer Sutherland is not a bad ghost, horror, slasher flick but . . . I almost turned it off in the first 5 minutes because of the rampent misandry and minipulation by the wife. It is abusive. It reminded me of so many stories of PAS that I had read in the past that it was difficult for me during the rest of the movie to let go of my anger that somehow attempted to demonize the dad at the hads of his logical and correct arguments and his wifes out of hand, misandric, because I say so, and my way or the highway attitude eventhough she was uterly 100% wrong. On top of it all it is the one who appoligizes, and plays in part peace maker adding to medias reenforcement of me are to ones that muust always under al circumstances take the abouse then appoligise even of the woman is the one who is worng.

Background: He is NYPD on leave because he killed someone (it may even have been a partner but I am not sure). He had a difficult time dealing with it which lead to drinking a seperation. His wife came home and the nanny said tha Mr Carson is here. [NO SHIT IT IS HIS SON’S BIRTHDAY] Ben carswon is sitting on the floor playing with his son and the new remote control car that Ben bought for a birthday gift.

Some of the conversation went like this:

Amy: Ben, can I talk to you?
Ben: Hey, happy birthday.
Ben: Hey.
Amy: Hey, What is this?!
Ben: What?
Amy: I asked yo not to drop by with out calling!
Ben: You don’t answer your calls. I have not had a drink in three weeks but you would know that since you do not answer.
Amy: I don’t want to know.

. . .
. . .

Amy: We have to set up some rules.
Ben hitting wall: Fuck the rules! What kind of rules do I need to see my son on his birthday?
Amy: Look at you I do not know how you are going to be from one moment to the next.

[Again no shit]
Let me see she sets up an impossible situation with intolerable rules that she herself does not follow but she wants him to follow. How in the hell did you not expect a father to visit his son on his birthday?

My oldest daughter was very angry and yelled at the TV stating “And if he did not show up for his son’s birthday she would have been bitching about that!”

I love my daughter but boy sometimes we are too much a like and really get on each others nerves, but not this time. I am happy.



2 Responses to “Movie Mirrors Misandry”

  1. Misandry is the order of the day in Hollywood, television and in advertising. What was depicted in the 1966 movie “In Like Flint”
    (James Coburn) seems to be happening. Join the Resistance.
    Men are turning to their computers at night and leaving prime
    time television for the women and children. I watch EWTN, The Trinity Broadcasting System and DAYSTAR.

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