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Until Later Dear Friend Cindy L. Giroux (Roper)


I do not know what to say to or about a 36 year old girl who has gone home. You asked me about a year ago to be your pall bearer and I said “FU.” You looked at me kinda funny until I told you that is because you were not going to need me in that capacity. I hate that you were right. On Saturday I will be very reluctantly honoring your request. You also asked me to take care of Harry for you. My family and I will be honored to do this for you.

You have had an unblievably difficult life with three cancers, infections, both of you having the desire and the capacity of charactor to raise wonderful children only to have problems conceiving and then having twins that were for some devine reason not meant for this world.

I am happy that you no longer carry the pains of this world and are now reunited with your children. I only wish that the world had the opportunity to know the remarkable people that they would have become on this mortal plane. If these children had grown up to be half the people that you and Harry are the world would have truly been blessed.

Cindy we will do our best to honor your last requests.

Until we meet again (I will be settling this one last argument with you in our famous fashion). See you then . . .



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