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New milestone thanks to my readers!

Today we hit 20,000 views!

Thanks guys!



2 Responses to “20,000!”

  1. Congratulations, Birker Bernie. I just started blogging a month ago and have reached over 500. I was happy with that. Now, 20,000, that’s a great milestone. I don’t always agree with what you say or how you say it but I “will defend to the death your right to say it” (quote often misattributed to Voltaire…actually made by a woman). If you have any suggestions as to how to raise my readership level, please let me know. Like Shultz, “I know nuthink” when it comes to blogging. I don’t have a clue as to how to link.

  2. atticannie,

    I agree with you 100%. We do not have to agree and that is how I learn but sadly I find that most cannot disagree with me so I learn less and more sad they refuse to learn from me.

    Boost your numbers by setting up an email address for your blog and saving posters emails. Send out week in reviews which have links to everything you posted that week. Make a short comment on other blogs adding a link to your whole article on the same subject. Do not ban people. I love when people come ranting on my blog which only then plays them for the fool and fuels debate. Do moderate because I really do not like personal attacks or harsh and profane language on my site. I typically leave the comments and remind them by saying “Play nice children.” Do not require administrator approval, I find this annoying and it sends up red flags telling me that they are afraid of the truth or descending points of view (these sites are however sometimes a good source of fresh meat, LOL)

    Have fun, do not take it personally, life is too short, besides read in the right light the nasty comments to your blogs are typically humorous.

    I am no expert, so I hope this helps. Good luck and expect many late nights because when you get into it you get random thoughts at all times of the day and night and you will want to write about them when you have them so you can be the first kid on the block to have said it.

    There is so much more but I do not want to overwhelm you, like write daily, wright about what you know and love, who cares what others think, email posters occasionally about a good or bad post, etc.


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