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One step closer to having nothing to loose. Anyone who wants to help can go to the donate page. This is no longer humorous, thanks to the actions of a few backstabbers. If I were the people still working, you better watch your back because if you think that it cannot happen to you . . . well I would tell you that you are naive and you should reconsider who you think your friends are at work. This is just some friendly advice from someone that did not narc on others even if it made him look a little more guilty. Others there are not so noble. I have lost my innocence and much of my compassion and I am sorry if it involves you but there are many more things that I know about that happened with little or no consequences that caused up to the death of a resident.

I am still battling my conscience but funny things happen when there is nothing to loose and people cannot be punished for telling the truth especially those that should have come out long ago.

I can sleep with my mistakes in part because I have made attempts to correct them and continue to do so, many of them had to do with medical issues, but there is no pill or shot for someone who is an ass and actually enjoys being one. Watch those that pretend to be jovial and a friend because they will be the first to take advantage of you in the name of going nowhere in a dead-end job.

It must seem empowering to realize all the damage that one can do to not just one person but an entire family. Life is funny, someday this will come full circle all on its own so do not ask at that point in time “Why me?”

The thing I find most funny is those of you that think you have control are fooling yourselves. Having control is an illusion.

Sleep well friend, knowing that there are two parents not able to do that right now.


4 Responses to “Foreclosure”

  1. Hang in there, it takes a bank many months to initiate foreclosure proceedings. Maybe by then you will have found another job.

    In the meantime let’s hear more about the death caused by carelessness or incompetence. I’m sure the deceased had family that would surely be interested in such a claim.

  2. Very soon. I do not have the access tot he records anymore but there are people still there were working that night. I have enough info for it to come to light. My wife apparently was trying to protect me and hid some info from me so many moths have passed. I got the packet 08/05/2009 but today we are going to call the bank to see what they can do for us. I know that banks really do not want to own houses today it is a lose lose situation for them. See this all started when once before some one lied to save their butt and we have been fighting an uphill battle since I was out of work for 5 months on trumped up charges. I even had a witness but they nailed him to the cross also.

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I know that life is not always that easy so I am not expecting it but I have an asbestos abatement job and they did just hire recently . . . one can only hope.

    I was afraid to look at your comment because there are some sadistic people there, and that is why I started using my 1st amendment rights. Sure it can make things more difficult but at this juncture in my life I do not see how so I do find some therapeutic humor in the fact that I no longer carry the bonds that employers put upon you . . .


  3. Sorry to hear about your problems and I will say a prayer that you can work something out with the bank.

  4. Robert,

    Thanks, that means much to me, it is appreciated.


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