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4 Women Superglue Man’s Penis to Stomach and They are the Victims

OK the man “cheated” but there is nothing illegal about it. Question has morals and ethics all you want but it certainly did not deserve him being lured to a hotel where he was ambushed by some woman who claimed that she was going to give him a sensual massage while blindfolded and bound to the bed. The woman then texted three other women and they berated him, struck him, and then superglued his penis to his thigh or stomach and left him when he screamed. All four women are out on $200.00 bail.


Unlawful imprisonment is a FELONY and they are out on $200.00 bail. When is the last time that a man was out on $200.00 bail for a sexual assault and unlawful imprisonment?

This is all fun and games and nothing but humorous apparently to MSNBC and the Today Show. They use cute little quips like “Women may wind up stuck in jail for glue plot” and “they took the law — along with one of the victim’s more delicate bits of anatomy — into their own hands.” and “Sticky situation.”

One day I would like to see in the media such a cavalier attitude toward a woman’s sexual assault and unlawful imprisonment.

They also attempted to make him the criminal and the four women the victims by statements like “A group of women were allegedly wronged by the same two-timing, con-artist cheat.”

Well OK then, what they did is all honky dory.

“With no way of getting even by legal means, they took the law — along with one of the victim’s more delicate bits of anatomy — into their own hands.”

Well hey, they should have glued his sphincter shut also.

“has become an object lesson in how modern women are dealing with injustice.”

INJUSTICE?!?! What is he now allowed to do to them for this sexual assault? Maybe a fire-hose up their vagina’s?

“former prosecutor Jeanine Pirro and psychotherapist Robi Ludwig told TODAY’s Natalie Morales Tuesday in New York. “The guy was a cheater. He’s a con man. He was taking money,” Pirro said.

Well damn, he should have his scrotum cut open and his testicles pickled.

Pirro said, “But at the end of the day, the criminal justice system will identify him as a victim; these women will be identified as criminals.”

Um, yeah, because these women ARE THE CRIMINALS!

“This man basically betrayed all these women. He humiliated them. He made them all feel powerless,” added Ludwig.

I am sure that he was not humiliated, powerless, or betrayed. Good God, because people are complete idiots I am sure that his story spread like wildfire through the ER and the hospital and he was the object of one great big funny punchline, but that is OK.

Ludwig added, “They needed to all band together in order to feel that justice could be served.”Another gem from Ludwig, “This guy was so bad that instead of the women competing with each other, they kind of realized this guy was a con, including the wife. She was kind of the team leader,” Ludwig told Morales. “She said, ‘Hey, listen, I know this guy is kind of a dog. He’s doing this to all of us. Let’s get him back.’” and “Pirro pointed out that . . . the women knew they’d been cheated, but also knew there was no legal recourse for them; the cad hadn’t broken any laws.” and [the problem is] Ludwig said. “When you feel law can’t help you out and can’t punish the person appropriately, then I’m going to take matters into my own hands because it’s only fair. These women were seeking fairness, and this is what they did.”

OK then women who over run their husbands checking and credit card accounts and ignore the bills, rack up late fees and have utilities shut off, deserve to have the crap beat out of them. This is just so the husband could feel justice could be served because hey “When you feel law can’t help you out and can’t punish the person appropriately, then I’m going to take matters into my own hands because it’s only fair. He would only be seeking fairness.”

This is one of the most nauseating stories that I have come across in the news. Some how violence by women against men or a mean is much more tolerated, excused, and funny than when a man for similar situations against a woman.

Smile and take it boys, go with the long dead chivalrous attitudes and watch the women operating the steamroller and watch them closely because they are going to run you over also.


10 Responses to “4 Women Superglue Man’s Penis to Stomach and They are the Victims”

  1. This is why I don’t like many women. I mean, I’m a female myself, but god, some feminists are just.. way unreal.

    They want equal rights? They better expect equal consequences.

  2. xenophilicx,

    Thanks for posting and your unique incite from the rational female point of view. Most men only want TRUE equality, the advantages AND the responsibilities.

    I have always said this but somehow when a woman sees a man post it there always seems to be some kind of excuse or reason that women do not have to pay their dues. Often one of the reasons that they will give is blame the male politicians, they are the ones that make the laws, but of course these same women will not fight to change these inequities because the benefit from them. Somehow it becomes OK.


  3. He was NOT unlawfully imprisoned… he volunteered to be tied up. As for the taunting… freedom of speech… they will be cleared… just like Bobbitt… not saying it is completely right, but come on… it WAS funny… just like you laughed/cringed at Bobbitt… Lighten up people… there are more important things to worry about!

  4. When women are that desperate that they have to pay a man to be with them, they all need to have their heads examined. They all need to have a better self image. This man was clearly trouble and should not have been trusted from the beginning. Live and Learn! By the way… how long does it take for superglue to wear off??? lol

  5. Kim,

    I think you need help. It is not funny. What if a guy or guys were mad at you and super glued your breasts to your chin? Not so funny now is it.

    Laughed at Bobbitt? Are you kidding me? How about if your husband cut your breasts off? As far as I am concerned this is not as bad as a penis because you still can function sexually.

    It is unlawful imprisonment because of the fact that the women had a more nefarious intent to assault and sexually assault him. The “volunteer” part you speak of was not that he be tied up and left till he chewed his way out or someone came along to free him. Get your head out of your butt and understand the law before you start talking about it. Had he know their intent he would have never “volunteered” any more than you would if some one said I am going to tie you down and super glue your breasts to your chin.

    I really worry about this world where people like you think it is funny to have a penis cut off or super glued to another part of your body.


  6. It could have been worse they could have cut his penis off at least they just super glued it. lol I bet he won’t be cheating on his wife any time soon.

  7. Robert – “lol I bet he won’t be cheating on his wife any time soon.”

    Say, Rob,

    I take it that you didn’t bother to read any of the articles about this, now did you?

    If you had, you might have noticed that when Therese Ziemann’s house was called, looking for comments, her HUSBAND was the one who answered.

    Wait! You’re not going to get what that means, now are you?

    What it means is that Therese Ziemann, the woman who that glue’d guy was cheating on his wife with is MARRIED herself.

    Oh, and wait! It get’s better. She’s the one who was complaining that he took her for $3,000. Well, guess what? She voluntarily paid that money for the hotel room for her cheatin’ romps.

    But, we’re not done yet.

    That $3,000 came from her husband’s disability income – the money provided to him as less than adequate compensation for having been seriously injured in the course of putting food on fat-asssed Therese’s plate and a roof over her head. It was money that their family could ill afford.

    So, what a better way to repay your husband for working his ass-off and get injured to provide for you than to take his money and spend it on another lover? lol, eh, Robert?

    Say? You got anything else to add, Robert? Maybe a recantation of your previous remarks?

  8. Robert,

    I should also have asked you, should cheating wives be tied to a bed, punched in the face, and have their vaginal lips glued together? Would that be good for at least an ‘lol”, or maybe even an “rofl”?


    Any thoughts?

    (assuming either of you are brave enough to answer)

  9. HAHA sorry, I just had to come back here to say that these comments are so heated, but so hilarious as well.

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