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Epiphany; Men and Women Have Roles are Reversed

OK the whole world is backwards beyond the fact that our feet smell and our nose runs. The truth of the matter is it all comes down to physics. Women should be firefighters, soldiers, beam walkers, bridge builders, wrestlers, boxers, weightlifters, stock girls, football players, and anything else that involves using or lifting weight or balance.

Despite the fact that women grow larger breasts (in most cases) then men, men are top heavy and women carry weight in their hips. This unique alignment for women means that they have a lower center of gravity then men do.

What Does This Mean?

Have you ever wondered why men, boys in particular when they are growing seem so klutzy compared to girls? I is precisely because of their height and center of gravity. Men carry their weight in their chest so they are easier to knock down and less likely to recover from being knocked down or a trip. Women on the other hand tend to be shorter and carry their weight in their hips so they are more like Weebles, “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.” This means in dangerous situations like combat, and firefighting when running is involved (for advancing or retreating) and they start to trip there is less danger for women because they are less likely to eat dirt and delay their advance or retreat, thus they are less likely to be exposed to the dangers that these delays can cause.

My question is then why in the movies do they always have the woman fall when everyone is running away?


2 Responses to “Epiphany; Men and Women Have Roles are Reversed”

  1. Don’t laugh, I am sure a feminazi in grad school is writing a thesis paper on this idea as we now speak!

  2. No Doubt! This Idea came to me while we were watching TV and a commercial for cleats came on. Ben Roethlisberger had a plethora of defense men coming at him and he was dodging them all then he smacked one in the back of the head and the guy went down like a ton of bricks. My son asked if it was legal, and then I came up with the idea that our rolls should be reversed because men are top heavy, my son added it would have been so much easier for him when he played to bring players down. We always comment, correct, and add missed opportunities in commercials and movies. We do this as a way to show how it could have been better or more funny. One of our favorites is in the movie “Labyrinth.” The girl finds the goblin king (played by David Bowie) and she asks “Are you the Goblin King?” He should have answered “NO! I’m David Bowie! . . . Of course I am the Goblin King!


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