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UN Kills Hate Crime Legislation Based on Race

The UN Meeting

About three weeks ago in a less than a fanfare meeting (unless you were a “Battlestar Galactica” fan) at the UN there was a discussion about race. The “Battlestar Galactica” cast and one star and in particular Edward James Olmos, is taking credit for a new UN policy of eliminating race being defined by the UN as a “cultural identifier.” Apparently the UN has decided because of the cast ‘s visit that there is only one race and that is the “human race.” Now, that nasty proverb comes to my mind “Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.”

Application of the proverb (or practice what you preach)

I personally believe that this is a victory for those that have been affected by unjust laws like affirmative action and “hate crime legislation.” Since there is only one race these laws are now invalid. There should no longer exist on any kind of application from jobs to loans a question about ethnicity. Hey after all the United States is one of the “P5” that cannot be thrown out of the UN so we should be mandated to set the example that there is only one human race. Oh, that is right the United States is one of those countries that says “do as I say, not as I do” my error.

The Victory

They done great things as far as I am concerned but I would be that the minorities including Edward James Olmos will hypocritically object to eliminating “Hate Crime” legislation based on race. Hmmmmm.


4 Responses to “UN Kills Hate Crime Legislation Based on Race”

  1. Interesting…. will have to look this one up….

  2. NewsGuy, FYI they did not kill the law in the US but my point is that since we are one of the “P5” we should have to kill these laws to be in accordance with the UN decision.


  3. UN decisions are usually non-binding, which is, of course, a shame. And UN anti-defamation resolutions are much more scary, giving religious beliefs some sort of a protected status which they should not have.

    hate crimes, however, have nothing to do with it: we may know and believe that there are no races (despite your claims in another post, there are many people who are not racist at all, and racial prejudices, even unconscious ones, can be measured with psychological testing), but there are some people who do “believe” in races and commit crimes based on those beliefs. That is what hate crimes legislation attempts to address (for the record, I am very ambivalent on the value and need for such legislation as it is currently enacted).

  4. Jorg,

    Ambivalent? It is a yes or no thing, period. Crime is because of hate. You hate that some one has a flat screen TV and you do not so you take their TV. You rob them for the same reason, etc, etc.

    Ambivalent is a cowards way out because you to not want to appear prejudice. Either all crimes should be treated equally or not, but then there is that nasty thing called the Constitution that get in the way were in the 14th Amendment says we are all to be protected equally and hate crime legislation is diametrically apposed to this amendment so it is not legal, period. If my white heterosexual son is beat to death, and a homosexual is beat to death the person or people who beat the homosexual to death will serve more time than the person or people who beat my son to death. This ny nature devalues my sons life and does not offer him the same protection under the law. Yes it is that simple, nothing to be ambivalent about.


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