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Bigot Sharpton Does it Again

I found this gem HERE it is also below, My reply follows.

Rants against Obama reveal the real racists
By Rev. Al Sharpton

9:16 AM on 07/31/2009

It’s been just over six months since the first African American president assumed the reigns of leader of the free world, and thus became arguably the most powerful man on earth. Following slavery, centuries of institutional racism, unequal access to education, jobs and the pursuit of prosperity, America voluntarily voted for a black man to hold the highest office in the land. And after running on a platform of unity and staying above the fray of racial divisiveness, President Obama finds himself at the center of bigotry, race baiting and hatred. And this time, the right wing fringe is attempting to portray him as the racist.

A few weeks back, Fox News anchor Glenn Beck engaged in an all-too familiar rant where he began attacking the president of the United States. Literally pulling out a wobbling black doll holding an umbrella that he called ‘Obama’, Beck went on a tirade over how the president’s proposed healthcare reform would “remake America” and that people should be very, very afraid. With neurotic-type gestures, Beck espoused that Obama was taking the “beacon of freedom and turning it into an apologetic, hey, what can you do for me, wannabe European, spread the wealth, socialist wonderland.” As if such vitriol and fear-mongering wasn’t incomprehensible enough, the Fox loudmouth went one step further this week in a move that even astonished his bosses when he called Obama a flat out ‘racist’.

Following the election in November, the nation was immersed in the progress of finally electing an African American into a house that was literally constructed on the backs of slaves. Many, in an idealistic manner, hoped that society would now advance into a post-racial environment where skin color, ethnicity, creed and religion wouldn’t play such intense roles, and discrimination would subside. Unfortunately, what we must remember is that despite having a black president, inequities in education, housing and work still exist, and that the institutional structure of society hasn’t shifted all that much. The CEOs of most corporations are still white, the hiring managers are mostly white, the heads of police departments are predominantly white and the executives in media (and that’s TV, print and radio) are more often then not white. Yes, we have made some advances, but there is a tremendous way to go before anyone can even begin to speak of equality and a fair playing field.

In January, President Obama inherited an exacerbating housing crisis, two wars and the worst economy in years. And as people continue to lose jobs and face tough times, those on the right cease to exploit the fears of the downtrodden. Several in the GOP have utilized health reform as a wedge to scare white folks – especially poor whites – that Obama is using healthcare as a reparation, when in fact those same poor whites would be among those who benefit the most from this reform.

Just last week, two officers in Georgia were put on leave after being accused of running a criminal check on the president. This outrageous behavior followed last year’s security breach of then-Senator Obama’s passport. And since inauguration, we have witnessed dangerous words like ‘socialist’ and ‘Marxist’ touted around as if they didn’t hold an ugly and troubling history.

Never before in our nation’s history has the president of the United States been undermined and attacked so blatantly in the media, on Capitol Hill and in the court of public opinion. It happens in small manners when someone refers to him as ‘Mr. Obama’ rather than ‘President Obama’, and in more blatant manners by the Glenn Becks and Rush Limbaughs of the world. Instead of supporting the president as he undertakes the daunting task of resurrecting the country out of our plethora of challenges, some chose to divide, incite fear, push their own agendas and reinforce age-old stereotypes. Now I ask you, who is the real racist?

Good God has the world not molted you away yet? You are one of the most racist people alive today. You see black = good white = bad. Let me remind you about a fact that all blacks seem to forget when the slavery issue comes up, BLACKS TOOK BLACK PRISONERS AND SLAVES AND THEN THE EXCESS WAS SOLD TO THE WHITE MAN. This is how slavery started for the white man. Stop conspicuously leaving out the inconvenient truths about your own kind, face reality man and put the blame where it really belongs and started, with the black man.

Did you forget like Obama himself did? He is not black but rather, mulatto? Oops, big difference, this is one reason that he has earned less respect than you think he should get. If he cannot admit to himself and others who he is, who his parents are, and grandparents were then he is some one to fear because of his powerful position. Obama is racist, hell everyone is to some degree, that my dear Rev(bought title) Al Sharpton is reality. This is why I do not use Rev in front of your name either because of your intense racism against the white people.

Where have you been for the last sixteen years? Sorry but so far Bill Clinton and George Bush have Obama hands down over the disrespect issue, get your head out of your but and smell what you are shoveling.

Let me tell you about a few predictions that I made before election day. The white community has been so guilted over the years for “what we done to the black man” (which is nothing but pure 100% Grade “A” Horse deification, no one alive is responsible for slavery nor is there a slave left alive so get over it already) that many felt that they had to vote for the black man to prove that they were not prejudice. Others, who were just simply dumb voted for Obama because “they wanted to be a part of history.” History my butt! There is only one first, that is all there ever will be and Obama ranks 44th not first. He is not special any more than the first last place kid in a school track meet. I do not nor will I ever buy into the aforementioned load of manure, by the way my kids have been brought up the same. They have been taught not to feel guilty for something that happened long before they were born. Here is the kicker my kids are only third generation American so guess what? They did not have family here during those long gone days.

My other predictions were that more blacks would vote than ever before and that most blacks would vote for Obama (the actual percentage given was 95%, not to mention this was the highest turn out of black voters in history, what does that say about who is racist?) If 95% of the white voters cast ballots for McCain it is safe to say that there would have been race riots instigated by some in the black community. We have seen this over jury decisions, the former would have been far worse.. I went to a very integrated school and I find it tragic that the mulatto or lighter skinned blacks students were shunned by the darker black students, that is reality, now all of a sudden a mulatto is a black man. Why is that? What is the black community expecting of this “black” president? It is just a tad suspicious. It is also just a tad out of character, then again no it is not, for much of the black community that voted for Obama he was a black of convenience, there was no other “darker” black man running so he became black. Did we forget what the black community brought up about him when he was first announced as a potential candidate? Let me remind you the burning question on the minds of the black community was “Is Obama black enough?” I did not forget, but again you conveniently did.

As far as CEO’s and the other things that you mention especially in the public sector, WAKE UP, it was a white mans money that started the companies and other such things so of course a white man is going to be in charge. You state that yep a white man built it but damn it a black man should run it and profit by it. I am sure that you would reciprocate if the tables were turned. I am sure if you built a business from the ground up and had a family that you would first hire white men. How many white men have you hired for your various law suits and other professional things you needed done? You are so transparent, you are a racist, a hate monger, you make issues where there are none, and have to lie to have enough material to keep yourself in the limelight. You are not even helping your own kind, you are an opportunist who cares only about one person, yourself. I do not want you to drop dead but I do want you to go away and take your hate with you. I am no saint but I do try to get along with everyone even those with differing views. Your heart is as black as your skin, I pity you.


8 Responses to “Bigot Sharpton Does it Again”

  1. A brilliant reply, Biker Bernie.

    I have just listened to you on The Right Perspective and you make a lot of sense.

  2. Shark,

    Thanks, I appreciate that . . . welcome to the blog.


  3. Tell you what, put a tarp on the back roof of the crib and I’ll list it for you at just 4%. We’ll see if we can’t get you and the missus into a nice single-wide at 1774 Military, or if you’d rather be closer to the Fire Hall, Ritchie Court.

    I don’t normally do this for just anyone, but you’re a special friend and a customer.

  4. Great rebuttal! Thanks for telling it like it really is, Biker Bernie!

  5. Thanks NewsGuy,

    I was surprised it posted on the other site. 🙂


  6. CapnJoe,

    You too funny. You may continue to comment but please keep the Town of Tonawanda stuff on the Town of Tonawanda articles.



  7. Al Sharpton is a joke, so is Jesse and the NAACP. I finally woke up for that sad fact.

  8. […] at the same time they claim a “black” president who is mulatto. Like I said in my blog HERE he is a black of convenience, I did not set up this conspicuous hypocrisy they […]

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