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Search Men’s Rights Receive Woman’s . . . What?!?

This is a tad more than discouraging. I have a few news crawlers that alert me to anything on the web that contains certian words, one search is Men’s Right’s. There has not been one alert for men’s right’s that had anything to do with men’s right’s. It always has to do with what men can do for women’s and children’s rights and how to prevent violence and abuse against women and children. They mostly imply that men can put a stop to these social issues because if men stop purpitrating these offences then the world would be a crime free, rosey, peachy keen, non-poluted, non-violent, weapont free, cancer cured, disease free, obeasity free, all women look 21 years old no matter what birthday they are celebrating, bubble wrapped shadow of its former self that men and men alone built because men have always been the red headed stepchild of the world and life itself.

I have reached my limit on the fact that a search for woman’s rights actually has to do with women’s rights and a search for men’s rights has to do with . . . well, you get one guess, women’s rights. If you do not believe me here is just one of the hundreds of men’s rights alerts that I have received.

Here is the alert:

Alert for: Mens Rights

Men against violence-1: Learn masculinity from Mahatma Gandhi?
Whereas Satish opines, “violence also affects men. Therefore they have to learn how to respect human rights of others.” This movement for engaging men for …



5 Responses to “Search Men’s Rights Receive Woman’s . . . What?!?”

  1. I think because “men’s rights” is such a teeny movement and practically no one has even heard of it is why you can’t get the type of articles you want. You will need to specify other things, like “fathers & custody”, actual issues that are part of the “men’s rights” arena.

    Most people do not agree that men have major rights issues. That’s reality.

  2. First when some one searches “men’s rights” only men’s rights should come up not women’s rights. Also it is like every spell check in the world, misogyny is recognized but not misandry.

    No, that is what people believe but it is far from reality, this is not an opinion it is fact. Reality is that men have major rights issues, it is just that people can not get past their programing and the propaganda that they have been spoon fed. Fact is that one half of the population (men) the government says and has passed laws to continue and propagate unconstitutional activities against, while at every turn, gripe, whine, or sniffle, a law is passed re-supporting that women are not discriminated against even if it gives them things that they do not deserve like equal pay for less work or qualifications.

    See the people here is that women have legal recourse against discrimination and men can not because it is legal to discriminate against them.

    Most people “Can’t handle the truth” because it challenges their rosy view of the world.

    Again one of the biggest issues is the selective service, if that is not major then women have very little to complain about. There is no other discrimination that affects so many aspects of life than the selective service. See you would not understand because you do not have to live with it and you write it off as nominal. This affects, work, voting,driving, freedom, school loans, gun ownership, and a myriad of other things. How is it that this is not a major issue? I can tell you . . . it is because it does not affect a single woman.

    See again you just state opinions not backed by any supportable facts.


  3. WOW,

    My own comment was sent to moderation! LOL


  4. Nice but i think something is missing.

  5. Tender thanks you representing details. It helped me in my responsibility

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