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Men are to Blame IV

This is a PC stinks series. I have posted several of these in the past and so has Glenn Sacks (this is where I got the idea from). I really liked it because it clearly demonstrates that there truley is a disparity in the way our world, in particular our country blames and villifies men for all the worlds \ country’s woes. There is not much more to say other than argue if you like that men are the only purpetrators of global warming and you will be the fool.

Check this gem out, the over consuming man, who cannot or will not (refuses to) fit into the shirt “Save Our Planet.” Then again maybe the shirt was made for the women who are the only ones on the planet that do not consume.


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8 Responses to “Men are to Blame IV”

  1. Instead of this cartoon symbolizing a man, maybe it’s really about the USA and how much we consume (notice his hat says “Consumption”)–much more per capita than anywhere else on the planet. In order to “Save our planet”, we can’t be big, bloated Americans who suck up as many natural resources as we want. A small “Save our planet” shirt might symbolize the fact that in order to accomplish this, we need to cut down on our over-consumption, shrinking down the size of our materialistic culture that is serving to hurt out planet by destroying rainforests and indebting foreign cultures so that we can have our $5 lattes.

    Or maybe it’s about trim women and fat men.

  2. jeana,

    I agree with your analysis, but the point of my “men are to blame” is that I have yet to come across a cartoon like this that portrays a woman as the “villain.”

    Really I am not that obtuse.


  3. The deal is, they’ve portrayed him as a WHITE man. It’s always the Straight, White, Christian Man who is to blame.

  4. Newsguy,

    I never noticed until now that they are all white, but people would call me prejudice. See how we have been brought up to be blinded by guilt?


  5. Lets take a quick guess who consumes more useless garbage, men or women? Women, obviously – men buy what they need, women buy both what they need and what they want. Shoes, dresses, handbags they use once a year, all those things are consumption, not to mention that i see more obese women than obese men – they’re obviously eating more than grass to get that fat. This cartoon should be of a big fat woman, plain and simple. And hey, then we could say, “Instead of this cartoon symbolizing a WOman, maybe it’s really about the USA.”

  6. I don’t see this as “men are to blame”. I see it as “white man represents the US”. I wonder why men are used more often to represent the US. Both in good and bad ways. If they are. I’ve never actually read that more men are used to represent this country in cartoons than women. But definitely white people are used much more than anyone of color.

  7. How come everytime I post, there’s a little icon of a pink triangle person with their mouth taped up? Are you tying to shut me up, to censor me? It’s kind of funny.

  8. jeana,

    Re: the triangle . . . LOL, I was waiting for you to say something, no it was not done on purpose, instead of “shadow man” wordpress has made some updates for blog owners and they had a random avatar generator so I clicked on it to spice things up and you . . . well got the muddy end of the stick . . . because it has a name or ISP or computer recognizer and it keeps the same avatar with the same person. I thought it was funny also.

    But now that you mention it . . . LOL only kidding!!!!!!!!!


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