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If Men Are Bad Re. DV then What Does it Make this Woman?

photo provided by Scott Bucholz

Otty Sanchez, of San Antonio Tx, killed, dismembered, then ate her infant son. Need I say more? I am not sure if I can say more. I do not want to hear about PMS, PPD, depression, schizophrenia, and not taking her meds. You see in the first sentance the media is pointing the finger elswhere because the media is saying that the warning signs were there. I do not care about your excuses because PMS, PPD, depression, schizophrenia, and not taking your meds does not make you kill, dismember, and eat your infant son. I swear if a person takes an apoligist point of view in their comments I swear I will find out who you are and call the twinkie mobile for you myself.


My God I no longer long for this world.


7 Responses to “If Men Are Bad Re. DV then What Does it Make this Woman?”

  1. Well, if you are refusing to consider postpartum psychosis or anything similar, then what are you left with? A sane female who knowingly did this because she just felt like it? Is that what you think of us? Out of curiosity, what would you say if it was a father who did this?

    And Bernie, mentally ill people can do heinous things and not even know they are doing them.

  2. jeana,

    I do not care who did this as I said time and time again my parameters do not change because of gender. My point is that often in the court of public opinion or legal court they do and women are the people that are given the latitude not men. You know as well as I do that “temporary insanity” or “mental illness” rarely if ever gets a man off compared to women.

    Remember I will remind you of this the next time a man commits something so heinous and “temporary insanity” or “mental illness” is used for an excuse then I will be asking you what you think of men. In fact I will do it right now. What do you think it takes to kill some one for money, thrills, gang activity or any other reason, . . . sanity?!?!

    Your logic dictates that all killers get off because you cannot be sane and kill.


  3. The media softens the blow against the woman, whereas if this were a man who did this horrendous act, the coverage would have been much more damning.

    Either way this is a horrible tragedy.

  4. Actually, men certainly do get lesser sentences or put in places for the mentally ill when they commit crimes. And usually, women still go to jail even if they are mentally ill as well. Jails are full of mentally ill people, both male and female. The woman who killed her 4 children because of post partum psychosis is in jail. (I think a mental institution-type jail.) But jail nonetheless.

    The actual problem is that we see people like this as criminals instead of as people who need treatment.

    And I think that anyone who does something like this has a mental illness, whether male or female.

  5. My godson was raised in a wonderful home with great parents who did just about everything right as far as parenting goes, and he is a diagnosed schizoprenic. His schizoprhenia (just prior to diagnosis and treatment) was causing him to believe Curt Cobain was telling him to kill his grandmother. These thoughts of being told to kill his grandmother might be similar to the “warning signs” you speak of. My godson’s parents heeded these “warning signs” and got him the help/treatment/meds he needed in time, and so he thankfully did not act out on his thoughts of murder. I don’t see my explanation as taking an apologist attitude for my godson’s behavior. Rather, it is a statement of fact regarding how the mental illness of schizophrenia works.

    It does seem like in this situation the “warning signs” spoken of were there, but that clearly doesn’t mean those same warning signs didn’t point to this woman being severely mentally ill.

  6. “Your logic dictates that all killers get off because you cannot be sane and kill.”

    Of course that is a fallacy of generalization. Schizophrenia can have such an effect. The person shoul d not go free, of course, but be treated. Looking at everyone who commits a heinous act as a cold-blooded criminal is precisely the logical error you accuse others of committing. I agree with jeana: everyone who commits such an act does have some mental issues; the question is whether they were in control of their actions when they did it, and should be analyzed in a case-by-case basis.

    And, of course, as jeana noted, it is a matter of public record that men get lighter sentences than women for comparable crimes, and that the “insanity plea” works for men far more often than for women.

  7. Jorg,

    I would like to see where you got this info from because in one example (DV) men are convicted in murder 31% of the time and women 6% of the time but I suppose the USDOJ is making these facts up. You see men are convicted 425% more times than women in DV murder cases. So what is the public record you are quoting?

    Male teachers are far more likely to serve 20 years in statutory student rape cases and women are far more lily to get a lighter sentence or probation as seen in the many cases as of late.

    Where exactly do you receive your info from? It is not from the real world.

    Trust me when I say that I am an expert on bi-polar, manic depressant, paranoid schizophrenic.

    I did say that I do not believe you can be sane and kill.


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