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Define Quota

The Town of Tonawanda Police Union asserting its legal rights, fought and won a case against the administration for a quota system which was basically 1 ticket per day of work. Was this, is this, unique to the Town of Tonawanda, certainly not. Yes there was a quota but is there one now?

Why are quotas illegal?

They are illegal because if a particular police beat, patrol, or man is busy there is potential that this officer under duress because of the potential to loose his job he might write a ticket that is not deserved. There are many other reasons including but not limited to the citizens that pay their taxes would prefer that the police patrol their streets and pay more attention to break ins and robberies or other such serious crimes.

Is there still a quota?

Well like I said the union won the battle against the quota, but now there is a evaluation done by the administration regarding the officers performance.

How is this done?

It is done by an average. If a particular officer is below this average he is told to get his ticket numbers up. I will let you decide but as far as I am concerned this is a quota and is diametrically opposed to the INTENT of the law. It is a game, a semantics game that is very transparent and if ever brought to court the judge should automatically find against this new form of quota and fine any department that plays this game for insulting the intelligence of the judicial officer and the dignity of the court. You see police departments like to hold their employees, sworn and civilian to higher standards then the rest of the public. They are to set an example. This is hypocritical because at every corner and conflict the very same employer makes meager and transparent attempts to manipulate the law telling the employees that this is the way it is and they will suffer disciplinary actions if they do not comply. Now that their job has been threatened the administration effectively shuts down any protest.

I am not there any more so I have the freedom to speak, and speak I do for those that liked me and those that I liked. I speak because it is right to do so, I speak for the citizens of the Town of Tonawanda, and other communities that live under the same draconian system. Yes, I have not been cut off from those that are friends nor will I ever be . . . and do not expect me to give up names.

Thank you Sir Isaac Newton your law rocks and I am the second half of one of those laws!

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3 Responses to “Define Quota”

  1. So, basically, if there is a quota of an officer writing two tickets every day, for example, and that officer doesn’t come across anyone deserving of a ticket on a given day, then in order to comply with their quota, the police officer would be required to write a ticket to someone who doesn’t deserve one.

  2. Learn to spell

  3. Is that the best you got?

    What a meager juvenile attempt to rile me.

    BTW thanks the typo and auto correct spell check mistake have been corrected.


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