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Wife Sues Ex For Health Issues

NOPE, this is not a real headline . . . yet, BUT THIS ONE IS ANOTHER STORY. It seems today that women can sue and win all sorts of lawsuits regarding relationships including but not limited to suing over broken engagements, even broken boy/girlfriend relationships and have won. We surely know of the after marital disasters, they are darn near in the headlines every day. Here is another one for you guys to worry about. Get a divorce and it affects your health. We all know the story though it affects both man an woman it will be the women who sue and win no matter who instigates the separation and surely the man will have to pay for the ailing woman’s health because he is a no good bastard anyway. Hell, it will more than likely be called domestic abuse and violence.

I see this as a when it will happen not an if . . . time will tell. Just call me a profit of future court decisions.


3 Responses to “Wife Sues Ex For Health Issues”

  1. Bernie, what exactly does an article that says married people are typically healthier have to do with a hypothetical woman suing her husband over her health? Aren’t you trying to connect dots that aren’t there?

  2. It was a bit tongue and cheek but I still say that you will see a lawsuit over this one day. You know our country has gone nuts and anyone can sue anyone for anything which I find absurd. Many cases today should be thrown out of court BEFORE they even get there but lairs I mean lawyers stir many up into a free ride frenzy.

    Oh BTW just because you cannot see the dots does not mean they are not there . . .


  3. Obamacare wants to give free sex change surgeries… any idiocy will eventually become reality.

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