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The Down Side of our Justice System

This is the terrible side or our system. The victim has to in some cases relive every gory detail time and time again. Sometimes this is not just for days, weeks, or months, but years. Maybe a decade or more. Dr. William Petit is a home invasion beating victim and his family a wife who was abused and strangled and 2 daughters who were tied to their beds died of smoke inhalation after a fire was set.

The good doc has survived the invasion, beating, fire, and worse of all the murder of his wife and worse his two children. Now he may have to relive it for years in public and under the scrutiny of 12 peers.

I am a man of meager means and now even more meager because I do not have a job, so all I can offer to Dr. William Petit is my heartfelt prayers and compassion. I am so sorry doc for your incomprehensible loss.

My family is praying for you.


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