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Town of Tonawanda Police

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I am probably going to regret this because no good deed goes unpunished, but as I have always asserted right is right and wrong is wrong . . .

At about 22:30 hours on July 21, 2009 we were returning home from the Canal Fest when I realized that we needed to stop by the fire hall to retrieve my radios. We had passed by my house on the way my son, his friend, and my dog were home. Nothing seemed amiss. Upon our return 5 minutes later my son was outside speaking to officer Chris Ryan because a complaint was received about a barking dog. He could not have been barking for more than couple of minutes because we had just passed by my house minutes before. Officer Chris Ryan informed us about the complaint but he was just as concerned about our open front door.

I would like to pay my complements to officer Chris Ryan for his concern about the open door and seemingly vacant house.

My son appreciated officer Chris Ryan’s professional attitude and concern over the open door. My son and his friend were in the basement playing video games and understood the issues. My wife and I would also like to complement officer Chris Ryan for his professionalism and attention to potential safety issues.

Thank you for your service,


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