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Obama Jumped the Gun (big surprise)

During the campaign the expression was “Better old than stupid.” I think that now rings true. I stated yesterday on newsvine regarding an article about Henry Louis Gates Jr and Sgt. James Crowley, that this is not a racial issue when there were black officers there also. I left it at that because the ignorant rants on newsvine, no one was going to listen any way.

I knew that Obama overstepped his authority and today it has came out that it is true. The black officers that were there are backing Sgt. James Crowley. Obama if he is not careful will be the person that kick starts the second civil war that has been brewing for years. Obama a mulatto, not a black, only seems to associate with his black half, which I mentioned long ago would be trouble. Obama was asked to apologize to the Sgt. James Crowley and the other officers of the Cambridge Police because Obama, not Sgt. James Crowley demonstrated HIS racism by assuming a white officer is racist. Well Obama said everything but stopped short of an apology for saying that the police acted stupidly. It takes a big man to admit that he is wrong. Obama has just proven that he fell short of that mark also. You now know what kind of leader he will be, bias. I am not surprised, but many others will be. They will hide behind a curtain of denial.

It takes a racist person to say that America still suffers from racism, then to lay the blame only at the feet of the white community. If it were not for the white community Obama would not have been elected. This is fact since America is only 13% black. Fact; over 95% of the black vote was cast for Obama. If the tables were turned all white people would be called racist.

I have seen blacks ostracize lighter blacks and mulatto because they are not black. Now all of a sudden blacks can relate to a mulatto, sure they can because Obama thinks he is black. I have witnessed this before, it is black because of convenience, nothing more nothing less. Call me what you want because I can see through this transparency, but I know that you will only be angry because some one can see the truth and not because they are racist.

Obama, you are holding the fate of the country by the things that you have yet to say. I pray that I do not have to tell you and everyone else “I told you so” when the we all, black and white alike make the ’60’s and ’70’s look like a elementary school playground tiff.

If Obama wants to alienate the races he is doing a damn good job. I will not buy into it, neither should you. Think about this . . . no matter what side “wins” he can and will be right there with them. He is using us both . . . he is white and black . . . he cannot loose, well now he can if you heed this warning.


9 Responses to “Obama Jumped the Gun (big surprise)”

  1. Simply because the black officers are backing him doesn’t make what he did correct. Simply because Obama said that he should have chosen his words more carefully does not mean that he doesn’t still think they acted stupidly. We also can’t be certain that this has NOTHING to do with race. I read a blog by Clutch82 on this site, and I think that article gets more at the real issues involved. Racism stems from the way that this country was built. Black, white, or whatever, everyone has a duty to stand up against racism. You are taking a defensive white angle as opposed to discussing the issue. It doesn’t seem many white people either can see things for what they are and definitely not when you all are finally being called out for things you’ve been doing for year. Everyone has a duty to eliminate racism. Blacks have denounced blacks just as whites have denounced whites. I guess I’ve just missed your point?

  2. Obama was asked what he thought. And he said his honest opinion. I personally also think it is stupid to arrest a man in his own home after you wrongly accuse him of being a thug and you know who he is because you see his ID.

    And police always stick together, regardless of their color.

  3. I guess you did. Reread it am maybe you will understand.

    If I have to explain you would not understand. For the sake of argument.

    1) A man was breaking into a house
    2) An officer took action
    3) The man took advantage of the fact that he was black and the officer was white
    4) The man should have thanked the officer for protecting his house and not played the race card (it is old and worn out)
    5) The officer is not going to walk up casually to a person breaking into a house and say hey do you live here because if you do I will take your word for it and go on about my business (to me it sounds more like Gates was offended because he was not recognized as a VIP which by his actions he proved he was not)
    6) Because the officer was a white officer and a black subject it was assumed by Gates, the black community, and Obama that racism was involved (to use your words “You are taking a defensive black angle as opposed to discussing the issue. It doesn’t seem many black people either can see things for what they are and definitely not when you all are finally being called out for things you’ve been doing for a while. Everyone has a duty to eliminate racism. Blacks have denounced blacks [prove it: denounce Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton for the trouble makers that they are then I might believe you] just as whites have denounced whites. I have not missed your point after all blacks can never do anything wrong only whites.
    7) What was stupid was Gates getting in the face of an officer doing his job and not expecting trouble from it because he wants to use his black privilege, if Gates was right the officer is racist, if Gates was wrong the officer was racist. This effectively shifts attention away from Gates no matter what. He knows it, I know it and so do many others that are willing to suffer the the slings and arrows of telling the TRUTH. See when a white man lies he is racist, when he tells the truth he is racist. White people have nothing to loose (blacks are to blame for this set of parameters) because of this, so I am going to tell the truth.
    8.) So are you saying that the black officers are to blame also? Or do you not have the guts to say that the black officers were wrong also?
    9.) My point is that Obama is racist and he can play both sides against each other still find a home. It is simple. I did not speak in riddles. It is all there in simple black and white, non-cryptic, language so read it again.


  4. jeana,

    All police stick together?!? The Serpico days are over.

    You might as well have said that all blacks are thieves, all mexicans are lazy, all polls are dumb, all italions shady . . . etc.

    Obama was asked his opinion?!?! Girl where do you get your information from? He gave his opinion, and any person in is position is not entitled to the luxury of an opinion. He has other thing to deal with more important than an alleged incident at a police call.

    Gee I cannot tell who you voted for . . . you messed up this time.

    Did not this country just lambaste a president for his opinions on weapons of mass destruction and other matters? I guess if it is some one that you voted for then the rules change. See my candidate has to live by the same rules whether it makes him right or wrong.


  5. You might think all police officers do not stick together, and maybe that’s true on a personal and intimate level, but publicly they sure do. Did Obama stop in the middle of a health care speech and say, “Just as an aside, I think what happened to Prof. Gates was stupid. Now, about my plan…”? I don’t think so!

    “any person in his position is not entitled to the luxury of an opinion”

    Then he should always say, “No comment.” Never let us know what or how he feels. And George Bush’s “gut feel” about Iraq having WMD got us involved in an extremely costly war with countless lives lost. It’s a little different.

    I bet you think it would be ok for him to issue an opinion if he said the police officer was right and Gates was wrong.

  6. Oh my God. My comment is in moderation? Who do you think you are–Glenn Sacks or Robert Franklin???!!!

  7. jeana,

    To address the the moderation issue. I am not sure what put you comment in moderation but if you have been paying attention to what was recently happening on this blog there have been a couple of saboteurs using very vulgar language and monikers. Not only that but as I sent to you in a private email because you left my site because some one masquerading as me told you to F off I have found it necessary to use the moderation tool to filter out certain words. To date NO ONE has been banned from my site just some very profane posts because of language or moniker.

    Apparently with popularity comes a few unsavory characters. That is life and something that I accept and so do you if you wish to continue to post here. Sometimes posts will be caught in moderation but the will be posted if they are not totally non sequitur.

    Let me be frank, I can do as I wish on this blog and not have to explain myself but I feel that my readers and commenters deserve an explanation however, I am not going to explain this every time some one gets their panties in a knot because they ended up in moderation. Personally I feel that you took a cheap shot that did not deserve an explanation because I had already sent you an email regarding the problem this site had been experiencing.

    Have fun, do not sweat the little stuff, keep writing, you add good material to debate, I just hope others will join in so we can get more than two points of view.


  8. Not a cheap shot, Bernie. I did think it was amusing that after I told you that all of my posts automatically go into moderation at that other website, my post below went into moderation. And like the posts at that other website, I could not see anything offensive about what I said.

    Anyway, I think saying cops stick together is nothing like saying “blacks are lazy, Poles are dumb, Italians are shady” [actually there is some truth to this; I’m part Italian]. I think cops do stick together, like military people. It’s kind of like a brotherhood.

  9. jeana,

    Unfortunately as I stated before I acquired some saboteurs on my web site and that made it necessary to add some vulgar words to the nanny. Trust me when I say that is just as big if not a bigger inconvenience for me as it is you. I could not find anything wrong in your post either but I do not have much of a choice but to leave the nanny in place. I am not sure what set it off with your post but it is not personal.

    You must however define your stances more clearly because I do not understand them. You often defend your stances by saying “it is not the same” or “is nothing like saying” but this does not define anything. I say it is the same because you are making a blanket statement about a group of people. Therefor I assert that it is exactly the same. Prejudice is just that; making an assumption about a person or group of people based on some common denominator of the group.

    Now if you would care to explain how you did not do that I might be more willing to agree with you but the elementary school level of argument equivalent to “did not,” “did to” will not cut it for me. Just because you say day is night does not make it a true statement, a logical set of comments or supporting proof must follow otherwise your argument is not valid. How you are going to say that you are not making a blanket statement about a group of people is beyond me, but until you can prove that you have not, my assertion about the other factitious generalities stands rock solid.


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