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I am so sick and tired of PC and everyone pandering to every special interest group that I feel the bile in my mouth. I am tired of the press referring to a he as a she and a she as a he.

When I was in grammar school WWII Germany was a subject of discussion. We could not understand how so many people could be lied to and could not understand how most people accepted the lies. Near the same time there was an article in the local paper about an experiment another teacher in another school systemdid to prove exactly what we were discussing. The teacher had drawn 2 straight lines on the chalkboard one longer than the other. The teacher used brainwashing and pier-pressure to convince his entire class that the short line was longer than the long line. The teacher keep simply telling his students that it was an optical illusion but provided no proof. The end result was that many of the kids accepted his explanation. Those that did not were pressured by those that did. Some then converted and there was only one student stronghold in the end.

If there was a threat of death that student more than likely would have believed what he always believed but he would have kept it to himself. The teacher reveled to the rest of the students that they were manipulated just like the Germans by a very intelligent and charismatic Adolph Hitler.

My teacher did not do any experiment but he did read about another that he told us about. The teacher actually got the kids in his class over time to wear an armband and they had a special “wave” when they recongised each other in the hallway. Yep, it was what Hitler had his nice little nazis doing.

What does this have to to with transgender?

I guess it has less to do with transgender than PC. PC is not PC because it touts “tolerance.” I find that people who are PC are far less tolerant than how they would have others be. Among the media, free radical PC population, just plain PC people, laws, intolerance of norms, intolerance of religious beliefs, and intolerance of other peoples morals. The same tactics apply, brainwashing, pier-pressure, intimidation, authoritative decrees.

No matter how you slice it this is wrong. I am not telling anyone that they cannot be gay, straight, bi, or transgender. What I am saying is I am not telling you cannot – – – (whatever) so do not tell me that what I believe is wrong. Do not tell me that a man is a woman and a woman is a man, night is day and day is night. I will not be brainwashed, intimidated, or legislated in to believing otherwise. If you think that you can change this generationally, I have taught my kids better.

This is the latest article that got me fired up and this is my reply.
Transgender teacher retiring in frustration


Changing clothes does not change your gender


The media sickens me attempting to be PC when it is absurd!


Saying you are a she when you are a he does not make you a she.


XY = HE!


I think I will start calling myself transracial (When this word is finally is accepted remember I coined it on 07/23/2009). I AM BLACK TRAPPED IN A WHITE BODY. NOW GIVE ME A JOB BECAUSE OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION!!!!! This is no more absurd than transgender.


Get the point MSNBC?


Probably not


Get the point AP?


Probably NOT



2 Responses to “Transgender”

  1. Speaking of perverted debauchery, Wasn’t a high-ranking member of the TTP found in a very precarious position in the not too distant past?

  2. If it was Drunken debauchery, then it would apply to 1/2 of the dept.
    Watch yerself in the S.Towns, I hear them thar Shire Reeves are tough, especially when you tells ’em yer a cop, when in fact yer only a dis batcher.

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