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Great News from St Louis . . . or is it?

Senator Jeff Smith along with members of the Fathers Support Center are claiming a victory but they really are putting the proverbial cart before the cart. This law helps give fathers more rights in child support cases. Well whoop-te-doo! Yes as you might have guessed there are catches to this law that has for what ever the reason has these men acting like Pavlov’s dogs and they are drooling and fighting over the scraps thrown at them. Utterly discussing!

There are big gaps in the ARTICLE. It does state the judges have more latitude regarding child support cases (presumably the non-payment there of). Instead of sending these men to jail the judge can assign them to educational, vocational , or job training. That is great, and no doubt better for everyone in the long run. What I find most interesting is what the article and law does not say. It does not mention reducing eliminating payment during hard times. It does not mention what will happen to the man if he does not complete or cannot pass these courses. I am cautious and concerned about what will happen to these men then.

Oh yeah the law also provides men more rights in DNA testing. Again whoop-te-doo. This should have always been the case and it should not be “more rights” but rather mandatory in disputed cases of paternity. If the man is proven not to be the dad by DNA then he will be removed from all future child support obligating. Well whoop-te-doo again. This again should have always been the case. Again what is most interesting is what is not said and that is that there is no mention of the man who is not the father recovering what he has already paid.

Like I said drooling and fighting over the scraps. They should have used the law like toilet paper and that would a step up for the paper that this law is printed on.

Give me a break!


5 Responses to “Great News from St Louis . . . or is it?”

  1. Please be careful in your opinions about “reducing or eliminating” payments during hard times. In Texas every time you attempt to change payments, an appearance has to be made in court. That involves fees and lawyer charges. I agree if the father is out on the street homeless, little can be paid. Barring that, the payment is not for the sake of the mother, which many believe is the case, but for the sake of the child. The child is going through rough times too. Perhaps if instead of a set amount, the payment was based on a percentage of the father’s income, the payments might even out over time. However, that does not cover any cash payments which might be earned.
    I could not afford the time off work or the money for fees to go back to court. Therefore, the amount set when my child was in first grade was still the amount set twelve years later as a senior. There was no cola. If that isn’t a reduction over time, I don’t know what is.

  2. I’ll tell you what’s insane, the deal I can get you on a house!
    Upsizing? Downsizing? Moving to the City Mission, or under a bridge? I can get you the best rate (discounts for police, firemen and fired men).

  3. Capn Joe,

    I was thinking something in a split level refrigerator and stove box condo . . . let me know what you can do for me.


  4. atticannie,

    That seems right and fair but remember 25% of 0 is 0.

    I also believe that these matters really do not need a court appearance wasting everyone’s time and money. Sending in or appearing in person to the agency that ensures payments a W2 or paycheck stub should suffice. These things are easily verified by calling the employer.


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