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To Your Face . . .

. . . as some in the town use to tell me and not mean it . . . well I never hid anything it was just that I did not have type of weak character to rat on my co-workers and would never have done so if I was a union rep.

I am sure that there might be some civil liberties people that would be more than happy to have me regale them with the information that I have including a union rep that instigates discipline against a union member and employees who routinely violated the civil rights of prisoners. Yes some though themselves judge, jury, and executioner. They would not offer the prisoners the meager choices that we had on the menu for their meals but rather some would go so far at to order off the menu just for their own kicks and order the prisoners peanut butter on toast with plain tea. It was simply entertainment to some not caring that some may have religious or other dietary restrictions because they are allergic or vegetarian.

Yes I can sleep at night. I have not done anything on purpose our without a passionate motivation. I have done what I can to work on myself and make amends, others still continue in their juvenile intentional mistreatment of others.


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