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Dr. Bruce Ivins OR Guy Montag?

Our government has done it again. They have named Guy Montag as the Anthrax Killer but they caught Dr. Bruce Ivens and then he dies by suicide. This was last year. Now through insistence it seems more likely to that Dr. Bruce Ivens is dead and Guy Montag is still alive and well.

Everything that our government has done since 911 is aims at making our citizens “feel” safer and “feel” more warm and fuzzy but in reality Dr. Bruce Ivens could been nothing more that a homeless man in an alley who was targeted so that the epic manhunt could be rubber stamped as “Case Closed” and the rest of our society can settle back into their mindless rut and once again get a good nights sleep because our government “done good” and caught the bad guy. Truth be told Guy Montag may actually still be out there but so long as we feel good the lemmings that make up our society can go about their at best mediocre lives ignorant and happy. Right now there is no solid evidence that can unequivocally pin this on man that they named (caught).

They say that ignorance is bliss and this proves it. Sure being able to think freely has its burdens but I cannot imagine living life any other way.


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