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Score One for the Home Team

Often the law in convoluted logic does make a man pay child support for a child that is not his. When men refuse to pay for raising a child that is not theirs they are arrested and jailed.

In this CASE a man, Frank Hatley, 50, who was serving time for exactly what I described above had his case overturned. It is about time that the law starts using its head instead of a hat rack and plays on moral and ethical grounds. I am sure that the women’s rights advocates are going to cry bloody murder. If they do not maybe there is hope for our “liberal” country and our legal system.


6 Responses to “Score One for the Home Team”

  1. Bernie you know who we are….

  2. I like the use of Don in every post name . . .


    My son would use reDONkulous . . .


  3. FTA:

    “Although Hatley was freed from making future payments after a 2001 hearing, Superior Court Judge Dan Perkins had ordered him to continue making $16,000 in back payments.”

    WTF? How come the judge ordered him to make payments even though the kid was not his?

    Also, this man should be able to sue the crazy bat who sued him. For the money he paid out, the time he spent in jail, plus emotional damages.

  4. NewsGuy,

    There are some states with laws that basically make a man responsible because of the “guilty by association” rule. The woman said he was the father so he paid child support because they are now separated OR she put him on the birth certificate and they are still married and because he did not contest it in a timely fashion he still remains responsible even when he finds out that the child is not his biological kid and any variation of the above scenarios. It never ceases to amaze me how no matter what, if the true father cannot be found some man some where is going to pay for that child because at one time he knew a woman who had a baby.

    Kinda makes your head spin . . .


  5. For those who’d brought to light an arrest for alleged spousal abuse, here’s something to wrap your brain around. A person who once held the Chief of Police title was arrested for the same offense in a neighboring community. He, and others like him, have documented histories of “unbecoming” and offensive behavior. Astonishingly, these men were promoted instead of being locked up, suspended and counseled.

    Once you strip away the thin, hypocritical veneer of that badge, these lowlifes are no different from the people they police.

  6. Pinky,

    I am not sure why but some how you were caught in a spam queue that I do not have. Sorry for the delay in your post, and thanks for posting and the support.


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