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Town of Tonawanda Yet Again

Unfortunatly again mistakes that are made are not always made by the people that have helped bring me down. So I appologize to those examples that are people that actually feel bad for what has happened to me. I need the examples that are abalible to prove my case. Do not worry because I asume that they cannot fire all of you. Just be careful of the computer because they also said that it cannot do anything without human intervention and we all know that not to be true but they used it fire me, they may use it again. I believe that someone should bring this issue to the union before it happens to someone else.

I do not wish that anyone be fired because unless they have been there they would not understand. Funny though that there was recently a Sheridan Park Fire call and the auto mutual aid company Brighton was not dispatched until after both set of tones for Sheridan were sent out. An incident I was fired over was that I was told that it is impossible to not know about about the change because of the email and the sign on the flat screen and that it posed a potential life threat to the firemen responding, (for information I sent out tones for the prime company then the prime company and the auto mutual aid company together and then the auto mutual aid company again since all tones go out twice and I did not forget it was a a Pavlovian response after doing something one way for over 22 years. It seems to me that their assumption has just been proven wrong because because of this latest incident since it happened again with a bigger delay. I believe that this clearly demonstrates the prejudice in discipline.

If you think this is all there is you would be mistaken.

Seriously I have to get back to my fight for EQUAL rights and if the battle is won it will benefit everyone even you regardless that you are pandering to the matriarch pretending everything is just hunky-dory. Women are blind or extremely shallow if they cannot see through your transparent ploy of being a yes man for women. Grow some and stand up for a cause that is right even if it is not popular or you are already lost.

You see as you mature you will learn that the popular thing to do is not always the right thing to do and the right thing to do is not always the popular thing to do but with maturity comes the wisdom and knowledge to do the right thing even if it is not popular.

I have done this by opening my mouth many times, some occasions that you may recall are at Sheridan Park VFC and the other at the police station. I did this not because it only benefited me but others also. Now who do you have fighting the good fight?

Your loss.


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