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Frasier said “I’m Listening”

So am I. Sorry guys as they like to say at the Town of Tonawanda “It’s not personal, it’s just business” so it is the same for me not to hang someone but for disparity demonstration purposes only.

I was going to make a laundry list but that would end the fun entirely too soon for me. So I have decided to drag this out a little.

I think that the people on Knowlton should be made aware that the call was originally sent to Wilton. I wonder if anyone was fired over that? I wonder how that happened. I wonder if they are short handed because someone was fired or ask to retire early?

This was also a favorite expression at the town “It is no longer a question of if someone is going to be killed it is a matter of when.” Let me expand on that for a moment. One of the reasons I was asked to retire early had to do with our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) which I was told by some powers that be that the computer cannot do anything without human intervention. I am telling everyone now that is simply not true. Since the darn near the beginning the CAD has done all sorts of odd things including loosing entire calls. Ask anyone that is a dispatcher their, of course they might deny it but under penalty of perjury they might not. Is that not right Scot? So I would like to say about their approximately $1.5 million dollar system that “It is no longer a matter of if but when it will kill someone” since it seems that since this problem has not been rectified in all these years that they really do not care. God forbid if someone dies because of this system and it is someone in my family or someone I know they will be introduced to these issues and how long they have been going on.

I do not like to play hardball but what is happening is wrong . . . dead wrong.

No Don, this is not a threat in case you were wondering, I figured I should add that disclaimer for those who are truly the paranoid and or melodramatic among you.

Yep, I still have friends that are looking out for me.


18 Responses to “Frasier said “I’m Listening””

  1. “My employer railroaded me, my union let me down, my co-workers ratted on me, I will die without insulin, I hate women and all things related to equal right for women.” ” None of this is MY fault, it’s a massive conspiracy to force me out of a job that I’ve excelled at for 22 years.” The Town won’t hire me to sweep floors.
    There’s a summary of all things Bernard and his Persecution Complex.
    Here’s a question for BB. Did you ever stop to think that IT’S ALL YOUR OWN FAULT?

  2. My my my… The support group looks like it has turned on you! Maybe they got tired of your stupidity just like the TOWN FOLK you fucking Baboon! Conspiracy theory my ass… your list of fuck ups runs long… longer than that GREAZZZY mop of hair and deeper than the puss infected craters… I mean mosquito bites that you have whined and wailed about!! The town has dismissed many people and there is no doubt that you are a number but not a victim. Does this so-called conspiracy or vendetta include the town pouring acid on your roof to cite you for a new roof because you are that valuable of an employee or that you “EXCELLED” at your profession. truth be told that YOU ARE A WORLD CLASS FUCK UP, no more than your support group like the legendary tool “THE WHIP” someone needs to remove the golf shoe from his face because the divots are sucking his legacy out as well. If I hear your pout about you and your kids needing med’s or your house they needs to be paid for STILL I might eat the bullett that you should have. Hear is a thought Mr. smear Mark in the shorts of life, why don’t you ask your neighbor’s to stand up for you or what their opinion of you really is…. maybe you will stay in your critter hole and pull your bottom lip over your head and swallow!

  3. Let me know when you want to downsize that house. I give special discounts for police and firemen.

  4. DElusional Dispatcher,

    Now that was funny but do you really want me to tell Capn Joe who you are?


  5. I am so glad I am married to a man who does not hide behind vulgar juvenile names. Bernie doesn’t try to hide who or what he is. Those of us who know Bernie know the ignorant posts with his name on them were not written by him. It also takes a real man to bring me into this and not sign your real name. My husband does not bring personal attacks into his posts until personaly attacked several times and only if he absolutely has to. I’ve been with Bernie longer than he was with the town and will be with him right up to the end. If the two or three of you posting under the several different “names” can’t man up to who you really are stay off my mans blog j

  6. It has been said that those who have no real valid point to make, have to resort to crude vulgar language and personal attacks.

    Second I would like to say I recognize writing styles and since I am no good trailer trash and an ignoramus (or in your words a world class fuck up) and am computer illiterate I cannot tell that of the 37 comments there were only a handful of posters using different names and email addresses.

    I never said that I excelled at my job what I am implying and now saying is that others have done the same or worse and it has gone unnoticed or hardly noticed much of the time including ambulances that have not been called for 30 min.

    You are right though to use your own words “I am a world class fuck up” because I have humanity and the gift of pity for those that must lie to depose me to make themselves feel superior and appear to be a better employee. I should have sued on many occasions for example when I was fired/suspended for 5 months when a prisoner was not checked for 3 hours and I was blamed. Truth be told I had a witness that proved that I told the supervisor and he also was suspended. I was not the one who then falsified a state document to cover it up, but that was OK nothing happened to her for committing an illegal act. Funny right?

    All I asked for was equal treatment. I never said that I did not make mistakes, as everyone up there has but it seems that the rod is spared for some and not others.

    Funny how I said that I would be under a bigger magnifying glass after I was a witness for the FSLA case, by the way which I helped win so you directly benefited so you should be thanking me. I realized that this was going to happen and no I did not refuse to testify because what I was doing was the right thing to do.

    Funny that you commit such cowardly acts like hiding behind a moniker in the internet. I on the other hand have never hidden who owns this site, after all you do know who I am, but I still do not know who you are, or do I, it is just that you have not make it public.

    Show conviction to your statements and stand up and be counted with your identity, I am laughing at you. You remind me of an elementary school yard bully.

    Stay tuned because I know of an incident where someone was actually killed because of a supervisors inaction and nothing was done about it.

    (I am humored by some of these posts but know that this is the first time that I have replied.)

    I also caution you that on my site I request that vulgar language is not used and that the subject be discussed and no personal attacks on people or those things that they cannot change like your comment about Whip or risk being banned. That was a rather shallow comment to make, I pity you and your insecurities. Funny I have not had to ban anyone yet but it figures that the first would be some one at a cop shop, further proving to the public their view that some how work there do really believe that they are above the rules and laws.

    One last word of warning, you leave my family out of this battle, for two reasons: because I say so and for your own good, because then I cannot have any of the fun deposing you if you have already done it to yourself.


  7. Sam,

    About the bells, not a truer word was spoken. The worse of it is there are those that believe they are “untouchable” but they will learn here and or in the hereafter that they will be touched.

    Thanks Sam,


  8. It has become aweful quiet out there, why?


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