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24 Years Wasted by Wife and State

Vancouver, Washington a former police officer Clyde Ray Spencer was in jail for almost 20 years for sexual counts against his 2 children. His children Matthew Spencer, 33 and Kathryn Tetz, 30 then 9 and 6 respectively now say it never happened.

This all occurred because of PAS. They both say that their mom told them that it happened. The kids finally came forward because it was the right thing to do, dad is now 61.

Clyde’s sentence was commuted but he is still registered as a sexual offender and nowhere in the article does it mention the moms name (what a big surprise). He is working on having his convictions overturned.

I hope he presses charges against the mom and the real child abuser Clark County sheriff’s detective Sharon Krause. The son only admitted to abuse because he wanted the sheriff to leave him alone. This one hits very close to home because a CPS worker done the same thing to my son. Damn, I am angry again.



4 Responses to “24 Years Wasted by Wife and State”

  1. Man, that sucks. Hope he can get some justice!

  2. Why didn’t they name his wife? That doesn’t make sense. I wonder though, why they are coming forward now and not 10 years ago.

    Don’t you think they might not have remembered something happening to them? I mean, a 6 year old would have very little if any recollection of something happening to him or her.

  3. jeans,

    OK, it is a bit unusual but I have memories confirmed back to 11 months.

    However, yes why now and not ten years ago, or a year ago, or 5 years ago? I am not sure that they could even answer that . . . Many times it is an event or smell that will trigger something like this.

    I have been trying to report to the O.P.P. about my abduction when I was 3 or 4 in Chippewa Ontario because I have a very vivid recollection of the two men who attempted it. My father stopped them. It was the very same channel where Marilyn Monroe’s “Niagara” was in part filmed.

    I just want to perhaps put some cold case files to rest if there are any. I just started about 6 months ago because my memory was jarred by a missing childs case.


  4. That angers me as well. Like NewsGuy says, I hope he can get some justice. People make me sick these days.

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