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Anti-Discrimination Laws Gone Way Too Far

This world has lost all sense of reality. DO NOT MOVE TO MAINE! My God what are they thinking? Oh yeah that is right they are not thinking. The first thing that I would like to remind people of is that our country is a republic biased on a democracy which means that the needs of the many out weight the needs of the few or the one (Gene Roddenberry). With this in mind I have to believe that The Maine Human Rights Commission (see article here) needs to be restructured and reeducated because they feel that it is OK for a boy to use the girls bathroom in elementary school because he believes he is a girl. As my son would say “That is redonkulous!”

This became a dramatically differently story when a grandfather (Paul Melanson) found out through his grandson what was going on and he told his grandson to use the girls bathroom. This was not allowed because he is biologically a male and her (as they say, but no matter how you slice this one folks HE still has an X and a Y and that cannot change) gender identity is female so it is OK. The plot however thickens. Another boy was told that he cannot use the girls bathroom even though the original boy was because he is biologically a male and his gender identity is male. Yeah, right. So a boy who may be exploring his maleness and wants to cop a peek can say his gender identity is female and this school will enable his habit. There is no real way to prove his intentions one way or another the school administrators must just take his word for it.

I thought the way the school dealt with it was admirable. They decided that boys would use boys bathrooms and girls would use girls bathrooms and others would use a single stall bathroom. What is wrong with this? You can bet that the Maine Human Rights Commission can dig up a problem. It seems that this bathroom is “all the way at the other end of Asa Adams School” and this is a form of discrimination. I want to know how this ruling does not infringe on the rights of girls and parents that do not want a boy in the girls bathroom? A person or anyone else for that matter cannot say that a boy is a girl when they are a boy and then expect to be given entrance to a gender segregated bathrooms. Sorry, but bathrooms are OK to be gender segregated.

As far at the above statement by me goes it carries quite a bit of weight because while attending Niagara University and being involved in theatre we had duel gender bathrooms, showers, dressing rooms, and makeup rooms. So one can not call me a phobic of any kind because yes, there were gay men an women taking NU theatre classes too, go figure. Yes, these gay people were my friends, correction they were good friends at the time, just as everyone there was because when anyone was down and out we pulled together to help them out.

Time and distance has separated us but I know that we would be just as good friends now as we were in school because all the shared experiences made a covalent bond that cannot be broken it can only be shared again.

All this being said, boys belong in boys bathrooms, and girls in girls bathrooms, especially at the elementary level. No school system or form of government has the right to infringe on a families values and morals especally at that young and impresionable age. This country grants us all to the right to have opinions about things, to feel uncomfortable about things, and demand that the needs of the many are what take precedence. This does not preclude or demand creating another bathroom for those who want to put themselves in another category. This is the meaning of equality that men, women, and gay can their own bathroom. No harm no foul. Everyone should be happy with that and if they are not then they are over-asserting their rights just to have fifteen minutes of fame.

The commission complained that the grandfather was using his grandson as a pawn to make a political statement. I do not see how the parents of the boy who was using the girls bathroom were not doing the same thing. The only thing that the commission was doing was buckling under to political correctness, and political correctness is about as far from being correct that one can be because it mostly trashes the rights of the many in favor of the few, this is simply wrong. People had better take a stand against PC before they wake up one day and find that the rights they were championing for come true and no one has any rights any more.

After reading the article in the link I find that The Maine Human Rights Commission has no interest in resolving complaints of discrimination to the mutual satisfaction of those who are involved as its WEB SITE states.

This reminds me of the statement “Hi, I am from the government and I am here to help you.”


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