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Canada; Superior Rights for Women

Yet another form of misandry in Canada. A new B.C. pharmacy is not adhering to province’s equal rights provisions. See article here ANTI-MISANDRY FORUMS.

Apparently women do not feel comfortable speaking to a male pharmacist about vaginal issues (Um, yeah that sounds sexist). Let me see men have to talk to female pharmacists about penis and tactical issues and if we choose not to or voice our objection we are sexist. Goose meet gander. Let us see the other reason is that the women are not comfortable waking into the pharmacy that is giving methadone treatments to the addicts . . . I see women do not have to deal with this but it is OK for men to have to deal with this . . . Um NOT! If I were a man I would go to this “female only pharmacy” and give them my scripts and if they refuse to let me enter or serve me . . . well it sounds like a civil rights issue to me. This is no different that refusing to serve a black person. WAKE UP! Do protests, write your representatives, just do something about it!


8 Responses to “Canada; Superior Rights for Women”

  1. Hi Bernie! I found your blog. You are still feisty, I see. Your link doesn’t work to this blog entry, so I will have to assume you’re talking about a pharmacy that is only staffed by women? What’s wrong with that? Wouldn’t you support one that was staffed by men for men who didn’t want to talk to a female pharmacist?

    Anyway, bye!

  2. jeana!

    Hey how the hell are you? Welcome to the site. It needs more people to stir the pot. Yes, I am still feisty and stiring the pot from myh angle and hopfully that link should now be fixed. Thanks for the heads up.


  3. Ok, so I read it and my feminist take is that it’s merely a place that employs women. Men can still go there. And about the meth thing, that sounds to me more like a safety issue. It sounds like some of the places have tons of methadone maintenence people there, which sounds unlikely to me. Maybe this is an urban area that’s just not very safe. Would you want your wife going to a place that’s frequented by drug addicts (even though they’re people trying to get off drugs and I don’t mean to imply they’re bad)?

    I personally don’t have a problem going to male medical providers and asking any question, but lots of females do. I don’t think males ever give mammograms to females. I think those places only employ females. What about that?

  4. jeana,

    It is a “Women’s only pharmacy.” Workers, and customers.
    You are also missing the point. Would you want your husband going to an urban area that is not very safe and full of drug addicts? What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Why would you as a feminist expose to the world that women are not equal to men and deserve special protection because somehow they are either more valued, weaker, or both? This just in not in alignment with the feminist equal rights mantra.

    I find it hard to believe that there are no men that specialize in “boobology” as it were and that there are no male technicians. If this is the case then there is either discriminatory hiring practices (which in the US is illegal and sexist) and/or men will not pursue the field because of the potential for lawsuits. Then the same arguments that women make about male dominated workplaces have to occur for men under these circumstances. Men have to be encouraged and canvased by the government and other agencies to fill these jobs. There should be a hiring freeze for women and men should be hired until the numbers reach an equilibrium. Also if men never give mammograms to women then women should not ever give testicular exams to men. What about that?


  5. I didn’t say there were NO male mammogram technicians. Have you ever seen one done? You have to grab the breast, twist it, squash it, smash it–uncomfortable. No woman likes having it done, but having a woman do it is much better than having a man. I think this is different from having a female give a testicular exam. Men give pap smears. But men should be able to request a male if they prefer. Oddly, it seems that some prefer a female. Maybe it’s because of the societal “taboo” against men touching men.

    Anyway, women should have no problem going to a male pharmacist and asking for items. But if some do, wouldn’t it be good business sense to open a woman-only pharmacy? But you can’t say that men aren’t allowed in there–that would be wrong.

  6. jeana,

    I have been involved in the medical field for about 26 years now and yes I have seen one done. Saying that having a woman do it is much better than a man is . . . well, very sexist. You do know that right? A man would be ridiculed to death if he had to see a woman doctor for whatever the reason and he expressed that he would rather wait for a man. In fact I am sure that some colorful gay jokes would be made also.

    I would like to know how it is different for a woman to give a testicular exam? That truly is a silly statement. The only way I see it being different is that it is potentially embarrassing to a man and not a woman. So long as a woman is not inconvenienced it is OK. I have had this argument with female matrons. A police agency has to call in a matron and pay them if there is going to be a woman in the cell-block. There are 2 reasons for this, their protection (in case they attempt suicide, even though men are more likely to be successful) and the agency cannot put cameras in the females cells, you know privacy in case they have to use the toilet, but they can in the male cells. Every matron I talked to and said that they should just put cameras in the cell, would say “Oh no you cannot do that!” When I would say the do it in the men’s cells they would say “That’s different!” Um no it is not no matter how you slice it.


  7. I still disagree. Why can’t you understand that it is not sexist to prefer a woman vs a man to grab a breast and manipulate it for a mammogram? Testicular exams (I think) don’t involve pain or grabbing, twisting, smashing. It’s different. Plus, I wouldn’t want a guy to do it. A male doctor is one thing, but a male technician is quite another.

    Women have enough invasive exams. We should be able to have a mammogram given by a woman. Ask women you know if they’d be ok with a male technician giving them a mammogram.

    And about your prison example–there have been quite a few examples of male guards sexually abusing the female inmates. That is another reason to have females guarding females. In Arizona, our Sherriff did have cameras installed in female bathrooms and (I don’t know the whole story) had it broadcast or somehow people had access to it. Prisons are places where people have zero rights and people on power trips have a field day.

  8. You cannot disagree what is good for one sex is good for the other. That is called equal rights. You then have to admit that it is not sexist to prefer a man for a testicular exam. Have you ever had a comprehensive testicular exam? No? Then I suggest you speak to someone who has had such an exam. Do you honestly think that there are not enough humiliating invasive exams for a man? Come on you are dangling yourself precariously over the PSR (point of safe return). Ask any man you know if they would be OK with a female technician squeezing their testes checking for cancer. BTW my wife prefers a male OBYGN. So take a lesson from lawyers do not ask a question if you do not know how they are going to answer.

    Have you even heard of the 14th Amendment? There are examples of everything so your comment about prison is non sequitur. No one has to guard anyone in a holding cell they just have to be checked on every half hour. I do not car about your sheriff example that I am sure was a HIDDEN camera. I am speaking directly about LEGALLY allowed visible cameras. Women want equal rights and they should get them. This includes the bad with the good. You cannot or should not be able to pick and choose what equalities you want.

    I am not quite sure where you get your idea that people in prison have zero rights because you are sadly mistaken. Since you do not seem to know they have the right to computers, TV, 3 meals a day, a roof over their head, and many other things that if you or I do not have the money for we do not get. So you can stop with the melodramatics of prison life. I am not saying it is a bed of roses but hey neither is my life.


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