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Global Warming Sparks Evolutionary Change in Only 24 Years

Yep, you read that right. Speak of hype or is that tripe? Now we are expected to believe that in only 24 years global warming is to blame for smaller Scottish sheep . . . OK then.

Yep that is right the peat has become so poor in Scotland that grass no longer grows so the sheep do not have enough to eat and they have become a whopping 5% smaller in only 24 years or possibly 2 generations.

The truth be told is that there is more food because of the milder winters grass has a longer growing season, yet the sheep are becoming smaller again in 2 generations. I think that this prediction is a bit premature.

The one factor that they left out of the article is that these Soay sheep have a tendency to not reach an equilibrium with nature (sounds like humans to me) and they will over populate and then die out, on the order of 2/3rds of the population in as little as 12 weeks. Incidentally this did happen in 1989.

There is virtually no way to convince me that the “scientists” behind this study are not being irresponsible and or possibly governmental rubes.



5 Responses to “Global Warming Sparks Evolutionary Change in Only 24 Years”

  1. This goes hand in hand with Cap and Trade– irresponsible!

  2. NICE!

    and welcome to this blog spunky!


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  4. What? No study of wild sheep in Australia or in tropical areas where temperatures are higher and the animals large and healthy? Guess natural selection works differently in the UK just like economic evolution does form liberty to government control and less freedom. Wow, if this continues, people will be carrying sheep around in their pockets and the population will be living again in grass huts under the thumb of King Henry VIII. And these scientists get paid for this Sheep s___t.

  5. Bob,

    Also nice . . . and welcome to the blog!


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