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I avoided this current topic like the plague because of the “feminazis” that would go nuts and distract the real point of the subject, intoxication while tending to a child. In BISMARCK, N.D. police responded to a domestic disturbance and arrived at Stacey Anvarinia’s home to find her breast-feeding her 6-week-old baby and she was drunk.

She was arrested and she pleaded guilty to child neglect. It seems that her case has touched off a debate among moms about breast-feeding, alcohol, and privacy. Now it is not that I necessarily agree but what is good for the gander is good for the goose, however women do not see it that way. I have notice often that women often are the spark behind legislation typically because of some family member or child that was injured or killed BUT when the law comes home to them they even more often feel they should be exempt.

There have been many parents arrested because they were the only parent home tending to children and the parent was intoxicated. Why has this become a woman’s only privacy issue? It seems it is because they have breasts. This is sexist. People want to make it illegal to smoke in your car and own home if you have children because of the possibility of ill health effects BUT we will throw caution to the wind at the expense of children about the potential effects of alcohol in breast milk if it inconveniences only women. Imagine that!

How does that expression go? . . . Oh yeah “in the child’srens) best or is that breast interest.” That rule all of a sudden seems to have become invisible. One has to question why, and I do not think that my reason is off at all.

I shall be watching this with great interest and store it up for future ammo when a man wants to exercise his rights and privacy regardless of potential harm to a child(ren).



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