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This Years 4th Dogs Not Steaks OK Then

Who in the hell ever had steak on the 4th? Where is this money and why do I not have any of it? Why am I asking you? You do not have it either!

I am contunually suprised by how the other 1% lives and the media makes it out like all of us live that way. Well here is your wake up call. HEY MEDIA WE DO NOT ALL LIVE LIFE LIKE ON TV WHERE EVEN THE UNDERPRIVLIAGED HAVE 3,000 FT SQ OR LARGER HOUSES. You know most of us have 1,000 ft sq houses or less.

My 4th parties have for decades always have been dogs, burgers, beer, AND bring a dish to pass. Reality check. No job this year, no party. I am heartbroken. This is one of the biggest dissapointments in my life. My life sucks. I do not say that to instill pity I say it because there are very few days that no matter what people like me say the hell with everything, today, nothing matters EXCEPT to have a good time and forget all your troubles. Without that this year one of my few days of destressing has evaporated. Just another reminder of the vanished middle class. Just another reminder that I have paid for other peoples food, heat, water, phone, electric, health insurance, and everything else under the sun but here my family and I sit still waiting for help.

Thirty one plus years I have paid into the system never once asking for help when my family did meet the criteria even though I was a “well paid Town of Tonawanda employee.” We qualified for the low income new housing and other things like HEAP.

Well for those of you who had steak this year I am happy for you. All I want from you is for you to realize for once in your life how good you have it.

For all of you who have it worse than me (there are a lot of you) and for those who have it better, I hope you had a Happy 4th of July.


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