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So, You want to be Fired

So seriously does anyone want to buy a pencil from me for about $150,000. I have no job and I need to pay off my house, credit cards, and overdue bills so that I can keep my kids (the third generation) in the house that was my parents.

First, start blogging and tell the truths that you see as self evident about the world around you. Have a co-worker stumble across it. They will tell an administrator and they will watch with great interest but not very carefully. Due to a glitch with UTC and ES time in the blog sites programing, work will believe that you do all your blogging at work because the hours were significantly off.

This is very easy. I was “randomly” selected to testify in a FSLA case in the Town of Tonawanda. I had grave concerns immediately. I foresaw easily that in an administration vs. employees case that this would be a no win situation. I expressed my concerns to more than one person and side, all of whom will more than likely deny it now. You see if the administration won, there would be other employees who did not care for me in the first place that would like me less for the money that they lost and their anger could and would cause more complaints about me than others.

The next scenario is easy because it is the same but reverse. If the employees won and the administration had to pay out they also court start nit-picking building a strong enough case to well, drop the ax.

Funny it is that I predicted that this would happen. The administration lost and the games began. There was dehumanizing and demoralizing complaints like “you smell bad.” It was not enough that I was told I was officially reprimanded and written up. Yes I perspire more than the average person but it did not help that often the air conditioning in our small room packed with electronics would be turned off with the temperatures reaching as high as 88*. Now that only happened once but there were a number of times that it was 86*, 84*, and 82*. There is an interdepartmental memo that stated that the air conditioning was to be left on and between 68* – 72*. That did not seem to matter in the discipline hearing. Some of the administration went on to say that they had been in the office and it did not “feel” that warm to them. Well that is moot, it does not matter how it felt there was an order that it was not to be above 72*. That is the issue that should have been addressed rather than some one sweating because it is 84* in the room.

I further like that I was not allow to read my full list of potential causes for being odoriferous because “it is what it is” regardless that there were direct violations of policy and potential medical reasons for the problem. The administration went as far as to refuse the doctors note that I brought. I was accused of not washing my clothes and not showering both of which are done every day for work. There are so many things that were done to dehumanize and demoralize I am embarrassed for them to mention these actions.

In the summer my arms break out with acne and I am ridden with bug bites, I am like a mosquito magnet, especially after camping. I was called into an office several times because of my “sores.” I was told that they did not know what I had so I have to cover every blemish with a bandage or wear their long sleeved polyester shirt which of course added to sweating in the summer. Nice tactic. I did assure then that I did not have anything that was communicable and that what was on my arms were bug bites and acne. This was not good enough.

I was even made to feel uncomfortable about my recently acquired diabetes. Some how when I was testing my blood before eating a capped unused needle must have fallen out of my kit and I did not notice. Someone found it and a supervisor called paramedics to pick it up and a report was done. This report was shown to me, for what purpose other than humiliation is anyone’s guess. Take care of it, tell me that this happened, but to bring out candle, book, and bell was a bit excessive.

The town would not find me a job some where else in the town when they have done this for a number of other people. Conspicuously curious at the very least.

This is just a glimpse into the goings on. Again, writing this can paint a target on ones back, time will tell hopefully people will realize the pen is mightier than the sword and will leave well enough alone.

My time may be short because I have been denied my medical insurance and I have a medical need.


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