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A Great Place to Live, Work and Play NOT

First, it should be A Great Place to Live, Work(,) and Play

Yeah, I make mistakes too but it is the on purposes that are the worst thing that people can do to each other.

What would you say to a UNION REP that either is an informant to the supervisors and or writes you up at work? What would you say to the fact that you were allowed to retire early after 22 1/2 years, your 18 year old daughter has a heart condition, you have insulin dependent diabetes, a cancerous polyp that has to come out, and other health problems that require medicine, that town that you worked for knew this and now the decide that you cannot keep your medical insurance. There are people that have worked there less time and have keep their medical insurance. This sounds like a legal problem to me. The bottom line is that I am going to die without insulin and I will surely die without having the polyp removed and the Great place to Live, Work, and Play could careless. Folks I think it is time for the Town of Tonawanda to change its motto.

Within the last week a fire company was dispatched without its first alarm mutual aid company and a Kenmore first aid was dispatched to Wilton when it should have gone to Knowlton. Hey, people make mistakes and I understand that, but it appears only some are punished for them.

Hey FMC you just might want to check as to why and how long of the delay there was in you roof fire a couple of years ago. Put simply they damage you suffered could have been substantially less. I have a lot more including dates and times.

The pen is mightier than the sword, so when I start receiving undue attention because I am listening, there are people willing to help me with the legal issues.

All I can say is that I had better go home before my daughter.


One Response to “A Great Place to Live, Work and Play NOT”

  1. Judging from the number of NYS State Supreme Court filings under People vs. Town of Tonawanda, apparently an ever increasing number of current and former Town employees don’t agree with the “Great Place to Work” moniker either.

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