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Obese Children I Do Not Think So

I was just at my daughters graduation Kenmore West (Town of Tonawanda, NY) a class of 414. I took this opportunity to count the number of obese kids graduating. We are told that in children ages 6-18 15% are obese. In total those under 19 25% are over weight. I counted 19, some were questionable, but I erred on the side of caution. If you do the math you will find that the percentage is more like 4.58937. This is 327% at 15% and 545% at 25% less than what we have been told. Furthermore this is less than the percentage quoted for 1980.

That does not seem to bad to me. We are a town of excess after all we love our food especially chicken wings. Yes they are called chicken wings, or just wings NOT buffalo wings. I have never seen a buffalo fly have you. This will be categorized under “the lighter side” because our children’s weight is less than we have been told.


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